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What is a Rabbit Game?

Mystake casino has already released the newest game – Rabbit MiniGame. Do you like the Chicken game? Have you ever played it? Did you keen on playing with it? But, its graphics have already become boring for you? Then this game is coming for you!  The Rabbit game reminds you of the chicken one as it looks like the Chicken game in its strategy and internal structure. But the Rabbit minigame differs from the chicken with its graphics and design. There is shown red bushes where is a hidden rabbit or trap. So you should follow your intuition as this game as a chicken one is based on your instincts and algorithms. But despite this don’t miss our next article about the Rabbit game strategy!

How to play the Rabbit game?

The Rabbit gaming structure is too easy. There are shown 25 fields in this game, which are suitable for every taste. Because you can fit it into your fancy by choosing the number of traps from 1 to 24, it also determines the risk of your game round. In the game round where 24 traps have been chosen, of course, it will be the most difficult one but there is more chance to win the jackpot – your bet will be multiplied by 24x. If you have good intuition and trust your fortune you should try it too! As we mentioned above the rabbits and traps are hidden in the red bush and your main aim is to detect where is the rabbit hidden.

If you choose to play one of the most popular games – Rabbit, we have some excellent news for you. You may try it without a deposit. Visit our Bonus Page to get no-deposit bonuses for the Rabbit game, designed exclusively for the Lucky Minigames Team.

Winning Strategies in the Rabbit Game

As we know, MiniGames don’t have any absolutely justified strategy. But there are some tricks through which you can gain profits the most times. So we will share our experience with our readers.

  • With additional traps, it is increasingly difficult to capture Rabbits. Considering the danger, you should only uncover one or two, and no more than three tiles, as long as there are more than ten traps on the board. You may expect to successfully uncover no more than 5 bushes with just 3 traps. Don’t unlock more than 7 slots in the risky mode. Keep an eye on the multiplier. The more you can multiply by two, the better. To protect yourself from losing everything on the following bet.
  • It would be best if you attempted to recall in which bush the trap was set in the previous round and then choose the identical bush for the following round.
  • If you feel that you’re about to take a decision that may result in a loss of cash, you should always think about the Cash out option.

You can view a detailed strategy review on our “Strategies” page!

Where to play Rabbit game with Bonus?

The Rabbit game is available for our partner websites, such as Mystake, Goldenbet, Jackbit, Freshbet, etc.

You may take advantage of the Rabbit Minigame bonuses, free spins, and free bets listed on our Bonus offers Page!

The Final review of the Rabbit game by our team

This game distinguishes out not just for its great profitability but also for its straightforward visual style. Simply put, the game is amusing, and it’s a blast to play. Every person can afford to play the Rabbit game as it offers 96% RTP. You should give it a go if you think you’ve got a shot at success.

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