Mystake chicken

Mystake chicken

Chicken is a mingame created by upGaming and available on many online caisino platforms.

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  • High (99%) RTP
  • Catchy Design
  • Easy and Fast gameplay
  • Demo version is not available

What is a Chicken Game?

The Chicken Game of Mystake has taken over the whole world. You’ve probably heard of it. Still, what exactly is Chicken? How did it manage to capture the attention of so many people? What makes it so appealing to players? I’ve got all the answers. So, let’s get started.

Chicken game is a very simple game. It’s about testing how lucky you are while also enjoying the rush of taking risks. Who knows where is Chicken hidden beneath the dome? That’s the challenge the game offers to its players.

Another reason for the popularity of the chicken is its high profitability. We all enjoy the thrill of winning money, don’t we?  Chicken pays out a lot. As we found out it has the highest possible, 99% RTP (return to player ratio) at Mystake. Sounds cool, right? It means just 1% is the house edge. The rest of the money in the system is distributed among players.

chicken game



1500 €/$



How to play Chicken

You may have seen a video of a famous Mystake Chicken game and wondering how to play it. The truth is – you should play Chicken on MyStake Casino.

  1. Visit Casino
  2. Create your account
  3. Make your First deposit
  4. Open Minigames > Chicken
  5. Choose your bet size and start playing!

First, we should go to Mystake and find Chicken in the minigame section. You’ll notice a collection of 25 metal dome-covered plates placed in a 5×5 grid. There are bones and roast chicken images. Below is a small section that shows you how much money you’ll earn if you guess the next pick and your overall winnings.  At the bottom, you can choose variables – bet amount and number of bones (from 1 to 24).

Since we get to know the game interface, let’s move to the next step.

Chicken is a game of chance. The whole idea is to guess more chickens and avoid bones at all costs. The game gets difficult based on the risk you take. The multiplier increases in proportion to the number of bones selected.

If you choose, for example, 24 bones, you make the game extremely hard. You have just one Chicken in the round, and if you pick the right plate, your wins will be multiplied by 24.75. It seems like you hit the jackpot. However, given the high risk of loss, that may be a regrettable choice. If you select, for example, 3 bones, you may be able to open more tiles, and in turn, the odds will be lower. The multiplier increases with each pick, so the more spots you guess, the more you can win. Keep in mind that you can cash out at any time.

If you decide to try the most popular game Chicken, I have good news. You can test it without a deposit, then if you are into it, deposit some funds later and play with real money. For a bonus, visit our Bonus Page to find no deposit bonuses for Chicken specially for Lucky Minigames Team.

Winning strategies and techniques in Mystake Chicken game

You might wonder if there is a strategy to win and keep luck on your side. Anyways, Mystake Chicken is a game of chance; your luck is based on the random placement of bones. However, I have some tips. If you take them into account, you have more chances.

Let’s get started.

1) Select 5 bones. Bet amount should be from 0.2 to 1.  Bet 4 or 5 times unless you lose. Then make a larger bet, I suggest 20% of your balance. Uncover plates 3 times and cash out. Sometimes you can try the fourth pick if you have a gut feeling. In most cases, it works. However, if the ‘’damn’’ bone shows up, try the same amount the second time. Repeat the same scheme multiple times.

You can earn a great deal of funds like that. Another thing, if you notice that more bones are appearing and you are losing hands, stop. Take a break and get back to Chicken later on.

2) If you choose more bones, as you know, you are more unlikely to catch Chicken. Given the risk, just open 1 or 2, maximum 3 tiles, while more than 10 bones are presented in the round. If only 3 bones are selected, a safe bet would be to uncover a maximum of 5 domes. In risky mode, don’t open more than 7 spots.  Pay attention to the multiplier. It could be better if you reached more than 2X. So you can ensure your win if you lose the next bet.

3) Actually, I love 5 bones in the round. I have tried the following strategy as well. Keep in mind that it doesn’t always work out. That’s why we need a bit of luck too.

Once again we set five bones. Then open domes 1 to 3 times. If you win, lower the bet amount and try the same strategy.  Go on like that.  When the time comes that you lose, don’t change the bet amount and open the tiles four times. Step by step, increase the bet amount based on your balance (don’t bet more than 20% of your remaining balance)

To sum up, there are some tips to ensure winnings. However, there is no guarantee. It’s the game of chance, after all. If you win enough money, learn to stop. Withdraw some funds and leave a desirable amount you will play with later.

Feel free to share your experience and win strategies in the comments below. You can also view other suggestions on our Strategies page.

Where to play Mystake Chicken game with Bonus?

The chicken game became extremely popular at Mystake casino. At the moment, this game is only available on this website.

You can take advantage of the Chicken Minigame with various bonuses, free spins and free bets which you can find on our Bonus offers page!



1500 €/$



Is Chicken minigame legit?

The chicken minigame is a prototype of ”Mines”. It’s safe and one of the most reliable games, not to mention the highest possible RTP. The game provider is Upgaming which has created quite a lot of successful minigames such as Dino, Icefield, Wheel, Dice, and so on. If you like fast and entertaining games, Chicken is for you.

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