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Chicken Cross

Chicken Cross, UpGaming's latest mini game sensation! Guide a chick through a bustling highway, aiming for big wins with its impressive 99% RTP

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What is Chicken Cross? The New UpGaming’s Mini Game


  • Has a high Return To Player (RTP) rate of 99%
  • Its design is straightforward.
  • It’s quick and easy to play.
  • The possibility of Cashout is always available.


  • The highway graphic area is tiny. It could be expanded further, as there is enough space available.

Chicken Cross

UpGaming has done well with chickens. With its Chicken minigame, available on online casino platforms, it achieved real success. That’s why perhaps they insist on the chicken theme. And now they bring you another simple, fun option, in which your mission is to help a chick cross a busy road.

So that you know this proposal better, here we explain what exactly the Chicken Cross consists of. Will it be attractive to players? How to play this UpGaming minigame? If you want answers to these and other questions about the new proposal from this creative developer, continue reading.


1500 €/$

Chicken Cross MyStake is simple. It is a fun game of chance and it depends on your skill to save the life of a friendly chick. It’s about testing your luck and at the same time enjoying the thrill of taking risks. Will you be able to keep the chick safe in each lane? Can you take it to its destination? That is the challenge you have to overcome. Of course, chance plays an important role, since the flow of vehicles is completely random.

And there is a very good reason to help this chick reach its destination safely, and that will surely also make it very popular. This minigame has a high profitability. Because this little chick pays you a lot to take care of his life. Besides, everyone likes the idea of making money excitingly, right?

This UpGaming proposal has an attractive Return To Player (RTP) of 99%, practically the highest possible, available on the market. The value of this index makes Chicken Cross an exciting mini-game. Because this implies that the casino only has a 1% advantage. The remainder of the money bet in the system is distributed among the players.

Chicken Cross Features

When you start playing Chicken Cross, you will see a simple setting. This consists of a multi-lane highway, along which cars are continually traveling at different speeds. On the left side, there is a chick that you must help cross. You’re going to bet that you’ll keep him alive until he’s completely crossed the highway or until he’s safely in a lane.

At the bottom, there is a small section in which you must indicate the value of your bet and it gives you options to lower or raise this amount. There are some amounts that you should take into account in Chicken Cross:

  • Min Bet: £0.080
  • Max Bet: £800.20
  • Max Profit: £8,002.00

You will also be able to see, highlighted in a beautiful apple green color, the Bet option. Or the Cashout one, highlighted in red, in case you decide to leave your chick crossed on the road, but safely. In that same section, you must also select, using the available arrows, the level of risk to assume. These are the ones you have to choose from:

  • Low: In this, there will be a possibility of collision between a vehicle and the chick in 6 lanes.
  • Medium: In this, there will be a possibility of collision between a vehicle and the chick in 9 lanes.
  • High: In this, there will be a possibility of collision between a vehicle and the chick in 12 lanes.
  • Daredevil: In this one, there will be a chance of collision between a vehicle and the chick in 15 lanes.

A coefficient is indicated on each lane, which will be the multiplier of your bet. Thus, the amount of your profit will be calculated by multiplying the amount of your bet by the coefficient of the lane where the chick stopped. Let’s also hope for Chicken Cross Free Bets and a Chicken Cross Mobile.

How to play Chicken Cross

The further you manage to take the chick, the greater your profit will be. The idea is that the chick manages to cross the entire highway, but you can also leave it safely in one lane, although you will earn less. However, this option, Cashout, is excellent for making profits.

When you start playing, you can decide whether or not to activate the sound. For some it is pleasant, but for others, it can be a distracting factor. The scene presented is simple in design and easy to understand. The controls used are basic, with directional arrows to move. To make the chick move forward, you just have to click on it. The lanes are traveled in an orderly manner and you can stay where you want and withdraw your bet whenever you want.


1500 €/$

The rules are very easy to understand and follow. You just have to select a level of play or risk among the four options indicated above. You also need to enter the value of your bet. Ready? Now just wait for the chick to appear and start taking it from lane to lane without getting run over. You just have to click on it, and the chick will jump to the next lane if a car doesn’t hit it first. The further you take it, the more you will earn.

In the panel on the right, you can see the results of the game. Your bets, your winnings, and the coefficient applied. The time of the round and the currency used are also indicated. If you wish, you can access a chat, which is available just below this information panel. Of course, at a higher level of risk, the profits can be greater, and so can the adrenaline. But keep in mind that the chick’s chances of survival will also decrease. Do you risk helping him?

Tips to enjoy Chicken Cross

To enjoy Chicken Cross, the first thing you should remember is that if you are playing for fun, you are not necessarily going to win. Keep in mind that this is a game of chance, and, in that sense, luck will not always be with you. However, if you can have a nice time, maybe you can make some profits easily. And you can even help a chick! You just have to take the risk to help him get through.

On this basis, it is recommended that you first familiarize yourself with the game and its rules. The atmosphere is simple, and the rules are easy to understand. Start at the lowest risk level and with the minimum bet. This way, you will see how easy the controls are, and you will immediately understand the dynamics of the game.

Initially, bet low amounts at the lowest risk level and, from time to time, use the cashout if you feel tired. Thus, even if it is small, it is very likely that you will obtain some profit. Remember that you are looking to have fun, not get rich.

Review your time spent playing, as well as your wins and losses, by frequently checking the information panel to your right. This will help you stay located and controlled.

Chicken Cross and other similar games

Comparing UpGaming’s Chicken Mini Games, you can see that they handle the same RTP (99%). However, they are quite different when it comes to their dynamics. Although they are games of chance, in Chicken, you have to guess the location of the roast chicken in a panel of 25 options, among which you can also get bones. The winning coefficients are increased, and you must enter the bet and the number of bones. Then, lift the domes to see if you get the correct location.


1500 €/$

For its part, Chicken Cross generates more excitement since you have to handle the chick, and you also have to avoid getting run over. And its setting is dynamic, not static like Chicken’s. Its colors are more striking, although the style becomes familiar with that of Chicken. In both Chicken Mini Games, you have the possibility of Cashout. Additionally, both games are very easy to play.

On the other hand, when compared to Roobet’s Mission Uncrossable, it offers a similar dynamic; however, it is based on completing missions that require skill and decision-making. Here, players are given challenges with increasing difficulty. Difficulty levels affect the possibility of collisions and the multiplier per lane.

Regarding the way of playing, understanding the mechanics and strategies of this game requires more time than in the UpGaming minigames. Furthermore, its RTP cannot be guaranteed, as it depends on the skills and decisions of the players. Thus, deciding which of these three games is best is something personal, according to each person’s preferences.

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