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Today, blackjack remains one of the most popular card games, but few know how to have higher
chances of success. To attain consistent winning levels, you must understand when to hit and when to
stand. This technique alone will boost your winning probability by a significant amount. So, if you play
blackjack and you are wondering when it is the right time to hit or to stand, today is your lucky day.
In this article, we will tell you a secret about how to play a blackjack game. Most importantly, we will
explain the right timing. You will eventually master this technique, so read on and learn mastery!

The Basics

The main aim of blackjack is for players to get as close to 21 as possible without allowing the dealer to
go against it. At the beginning of the game, each player is dealt two cards. While one of these cards will
be visible to everyone, only the dealer can see the other. The visible card is what is called the “Up Card.”
This card indicates the dealer’s hand’s strength across the game.
The players’ job is to take turns then and make decisions strictly based on the value of the cards at hand.
Afterward, the primary decision to hit or stand follows. If eventually the player hits, he will be dealt
another card. On the other hand, if he stands, he remains with the initial two cards initially dealt.
For a player to finally emerge a winner, he has to win by getting a total score of 21 on their initial cards
or beat the dealer with a higher score without going over 21. A tie is another possibility in this game;
when it happens, the player’s bet will be returned.
Another thing to note is that all the face cards, including the queens, Kings, and Jacks, all award 10
points. If you pay attention, you will realize we didn’t highlight anything about Aces. To bring it to you,
Aces, by itself, is worth 11 points or 1 point depending on the game situation of a player.

When To Hit in Blackjack?

As we mentioned earlier, knowing when to hit is essential to playing blackjack. And the best way to go
about this is always to crash when your hand total is 11 or lower. This immediately guarantees a higher
chance of beating the dealer. This is because there is a higher probability of getting an ace and totaling
11 points than getting a total higher than 11 points.
If you make 12 to 16, it is advisable to hit only when the dealer totals 7 or higher. The best time to stand
is when you have 17 points or higher. To perfect this move, however, you need to assess the nature of
your card value. It depends on whether you have ace cards or cards with fixed points.

Consider whether you are at a single-deck or multi-deck blackjack game to weigh your winning odds.
Plenty of online blackjack games also make it the perfect place to test this strategy without memorizing
the cards.

When To Stand in Blackjack?

Another significant technique to playing Blackjack is knowing when to stand. Standing implies that you
are satisfied with the cards and willing to stand aside, where no cards will be dealt you again. It is
advisable to stand when your total hand is at 17 or higher. But, if you have a card between 13 and 16,
consider the dealer’s up cards before deciding to stand or hit.
If the dealer’s card eventually totals 6 or lower, hitting will be the better option. However, you should
stand if the dealer has 7 or higher.

When Should you Double Down or Split in Blackjack?

Opting for the double-down can be quite profitable over the long term. When selecting this choice, the
player amplifies their wager and receives only one additional card. Under the Reno rule, doubling down
is permissible exclusively with a starting hand totaling 9, 10, or 11. Conversely, following the European
standard, double-down is only allowed with a starting hand totaling 10 or 11.
In instances where the initial hand contains cards of equal value, such as 7/7, 8/8, or Q/J, the player can
split. This action results in the creation of two distinct hands, each playing autonomously. The player
must place an identical bet on the original and new hands to sustain the game.
Each hand now operates independently, and the player has the discretion to determine how many
additional cards are desired for each. It’s worth noting that certain casinos may impose limits on the
number of double-downs and splits, depending on their house rules.
Should a player achieve a blackjack in a split hand, it is considered a standard sum of 21. Seasoned
casino streamers consistently emphasize a crucial point to players: refrain from hitting if your card total
is 20, with the lone exception being when dealt two aces, prompting the option to split. In such a
scenario, only one more card is drawn for each ace. Adhering to advanced blackjack strategy, it is
recommended always to split two aces.

Wrap-Up: Where To Play Online Blackjack?

The best spot to play online blackjack is at a reliable and reputable gambling operator. Regarding the
internet, it is not safe or secure to select an online casino for entertainment alone. You should be able to
consider other things, like the quality of games, banking security, and the sort of license available at the

Once you can secure the best gambling operator on each evaluation, play online blackjack for real
money. Some of the best online casinos feature various blackjack games, where you can select from
classic versions to live dealer options.

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