Teleport Game

Teleport Game

Teleport is a mini-game available at MyStake and other online casino brands. The old professor is the main character in this mini-game.

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  • High RTP (99%)
  • Able to manage field quantity
  • 2 Game modes
  • Small Icons

Probably all of us have dreamt about the existence of teleportation. Are you already lost in your dreams? Personally, I’m lost. But that’s not all! It isn’t only a dream! Our team has discovered a great game that is based on teleport capabilities. This game is developed by Upgaming which has entertaining and nice graphics and feels yourself in teleportation.

How to play the teleport game

The main idea of the Teleport is as follows – an old professor should be helped to reach the top of the fields with the help of teleportation. Each successful step increases the number of multipliers thus the teleports game strategy is to save the professor and successfully reach the last field.

  • Before you start the playing you can choose the number of the fields – the Teleport minigame has two game modes which you can switch by clicking the stairs icon
  • After choosing the number of stairs, place a favorable bet amount by clicking the  “Place Bet” button to start playing
  • Try to create the Teleport technique by helping your intuition to help the professor for teleportation and win money
  • You are able to cash out your winnings at any time by clicking the “Cashout” button
  • Every successful step will increase your profit so every risk to continue playing is also the chance to earn more money
teleport minigame


1500 €/$


What kind of volatility does the teleport game have?

The teleport game has very low volatility. According to suggestions, you can try your fortune with low bets and after that, you can increase the amount to earn more money. Everything is up to you!

What are the Teleport tricks to earn the money?

The teleport game is depended on your fortune and intuition. It doesn’t have any guaranteed strategy. But you can follow some tricks and earn more money:

  • First of all try your luck with both game modes (with many fields and with the fewer ones) and which suits you more continue playing there
  • Remember the previous game where you lost the round and try to choose the same field for the next one
  • Try to increase bets if you lost the previous round, use the Martingale strategy to return the losses, it’s a widespread strategy that works very often

Visit our Strategies page to find out more strategies about different casino games!

Bonus for the Teleport Game

There are various bonus offers on Teleport Game available on our Bonus page. Enjoy playing Teleport with 5 free bets on sign up and find much more promotional offers!

Our team reviews the teleport game

This game stands out with its simple graphics and also high profitability. It is a funny and entertaining game which makes a great pleasure while you’re playing it. The teleport game is suitable for every budget as it offers 99% RTP. You can bet any amount between 0.2 – 1,000 EUR / USD / BRL. If you consider that you have a little fortune you should try it!


What is the Teleport mini-game about?

Teleport is an engaging mini-game where players assist an old professor to reach the top of the fields using teleportation. Each successful teleportation step increases the multiplier, enhancing your potential winnings. It combines intuitive gameplay with an exciting teleportation theme, providing both fun and potential profits.

How can I play the Teleport mini-game?

Playing the Teleport mini-game involves selecting the number of fields (with two available game modes), placing your bet, and helping the professor teleport successfully to increase your multipliers and profits. You have the flexibility to cash out your winnings at any time during gameplay.

Are there different game modes in the Teleport mini-game?

Yes, Teleport mini-game offers two game modes which players can toggle between by clicking the stairs icon. You can select the number of stairs and strategically decide which mode suits your playing style best.

What is the volatility of the Teleport game?

Teleport has a very low volatility, which might allow players to start with low bets and gradually increase their betting amount as they get comfortable or wish to chase higher winnings.

Are there any strategies or tricks to improve winnings in the Teleport game?

While the game largely leans on fortune and intuition without guaranteed strategies, some tricks might enhance your winning possibilities. These include trying different game modes, recalling and choosing fields from previous unsuccessful rounds, and employing betting strategies like the Martingale strategy. Always remember that no strategy guarantees a win and gamble responsibly.

Can I get bonuses for playing the Teleport game?

Yes, various bonus offers, including 5 free bets upon sign-up and other promotional offers, are available for the Teleport Game. These can be found on our Bonus page and could enhance your playing experience and winning opportunities.

How much can I bet, and what is the RTP of the Teleport game?

You can place bets ranging from 0.2 to 1,000 EUR/USD/BRL. Remarkably, the Teleport game offers a 99% Return To Player (RTP), appealing to a wide range of budgets and providing an encouraging win potential for players.

Is the Teleport mini-game suitable for all budget sizes?

Absolutely! The Teleport game allows bets between 0.2 and 1,000 EUR/USD/BRL, catering to various budget sizes. Coupled with a high RTP of 99%, it presents an inviting platform for both low and high-budget players.

Where can I find more strategies for casino games?

You can visit our Strategies page to explore more strategies and tricks pertaining to the Teleport mini-game and various other casino games. Be sure to understand and apply them responsibly during gameplay.

hat makes the Teleport mini-game stand out?

The Teleport mini-game combines simple graphics with high profitability and entertainment. It is fun, visually pleasing, and offers an opportunity to multiply your stakes with its impressive RTP, providing a thrilling gaming experience.

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