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  • High RTP
  • Random tile choice
  • Smooth sound effects
  • Yeti moves slowly on fields
  • No in-game live chat

The story of Icefield  – New game by Upgaming

The Yeti is a mythical creature that is believed by some people to live in the Himalayas. We should help Yeti to walk through the icefield avoiding falling into the ice. Our main aim is to save his life and reach the last cube securely. The name of the game is – Icefield Yeti, which is available on Mystake.

The Icefield Yeti Character

How to play Icefield Yeti Game?

The objective of the Icefield is as follows – White fluffy Yeti should be helped to cross thin and breakable ice fields – each successful step increases the number of winnings, at the same time you save cute Yeti and also you earn money.

The game rules are very simple:

  • You can choose the sizes of the field:  2×3; 3×6; 4×9; 5×12; or 6×15.  It is up to you which one you prefer.
  • Walk through the Icefield
  • You should make your Icefield technique to save Yeti and win money.
  • You can cash out at any time by clicking the “Cashout” button
  • Every step is a chance to increase your profit
Min Bet: 0.20 EUR / USD / BRLMax Bet: 1,000 EUR / USD / BRLRTP (Return To Player): 99%

What are the advantages of playing the Yeti Icefield?

Icefield offers an entertaining environment through which you can enjoy and also earn the money. Icefield game allows you to choose any field you want and by choosing a larger or smaller field, you can change the odds and possible winnings.  If you are ready to take the risks and try your luck it’s your time to win!



1500 €/$



What are the tricks to earn the money on Icefield?

The Icefield game is a game of chance in which no strategy can guarantee you winning. However, it is possible, according to the following tips you can create your strategy:

  •  Remember the previous game where the ice cube has broken and try to choose the same one for the next round. 
  • Try all the sizes of your field and after that, you can choose the one which brings you the fast fortune
  • Always take into consideration the Cash out function, if your intuition tells you that in the next step you will lose cash out of your funds. But sometimes trust your fortune and don’t give up until you reach the finish, as through that way you earn the biggest win!

You can view other strategies on different games on our “Strategies” page!

Play Icefield game with bonus!

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Is the Icefield game reliable?

The icefield game is only available on MyStake at the moment. MyStake is one of the most famous and successful brand in the online gambling industry, which has too many players around the world. After playing the game for several months, I can clearly state that the Icefield game is a very funny and easy game to play. It is a game with easy techniques and pleasant graphics. To get entertained with that game and earn real money via the Icefield game, start your Icefield journey now!

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