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Mission Uncrossable

Mission Uncrossable, a thrilling game inspired by the classic "chicken cross road" concept. Players embark on a virtual journey, navigating through lanes with potential collisions.

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The well-known online casino Roobet has unveiled Mission Uncrossable, an exciting game that pays homage to the traditional “chicken cross road” idea. Players navigate across lanes in this virtual journey, where they must cross roadways that might collide. The thrill of winning wagers, verifiable fairness, and the nostalgia of the chicken cross road game are all combined in this game.

Gameplay Overview

Players begin the thrilling adventure in Mission Uncrossable by selecting their desired degree of difficulty, placing a wager, and setting off to cross the highways. The goal is obvious: cross lanes successfully to increase your wager amount by a multiplier. But there are dangers on the way to success as well; if you crash into an automobile, you lose the wager. Gamers have the option to either keep going all the way to the 24th lane or pay out at any moment.

Mission Uncrossable (Chicken Cross road): Where to Play it?

Roobet’s in-house games, including Crash Dice, Instant Dice, and Mines, bring a unique touch to the platform. These games provide provably fair, skill-based betting experiences, catering to players looking for diverse and engaging options beyond the standard casino and sportsbook offerings. But the most popular and exciting game in the roster is Mission Uncrossable or in other words (how people named it) Chicken Cross road.

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Difficulty Levels and Challenges

There are four difficulty levels available to players in the game: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Daredevil. The chance of accidents changes with each difficulty level, increasing the tension. With one collision per 25 lanes, Easy offers a moderate challenge, whereas Daredevil, for the daring, promises an adrenaline-pumping 10 crashes per 25 lanes.

Multiplier Dynamics

Players’ bet multipliers rise as they go across successfully crossed lanes. Higher difficulty levels are more rewarding for those brave enough to take on the task of navigating through dangerous roads, since the selected difficulty level also affects the multiplier per lane.

Sample Mode

Mission Uncrossable has a Demo mode for those who want to take a go at things before getting into the high-stakes action. It’s a great place for beginners to start as they may get the exhilaration of crossing highways without having to risk any money by placing a wager of 0 (zero).

Provably Fair Gaming

Roobet is proud of its dedication to equity and openness, and Mission Uncrossable is no different. Because the game is provably fair, participants may independently confirm the accuracy of every wager. Players may check game results, instructions for confirming bets, and information on how the outcomes are created by visiting a dedicated part of the Roobet website.

Welcome Bonus up to 80 FS


Alternative Game: Mystake Chicken vs. Mission Uncrossable

Both Mission Uncrossable and Mystake Chicken are exciting and adventurous games that provide players with an unique gaming experience. Mission Uncrossable is a difficult mission-based game that requires skill and smart decision-making, whereas Mystake Chicken is a high-stakes minigame that can only be played on the Mystake casino website.

Mystake Chicken Overview


  1. High Profitability: Mystake Chicken boasts an impressive 99% Return to Player (RTP) ratio, making it one of the most lucrative minigames available.
  2. Simple Gameplay: The game’s straightforward mechanics make it accessible to players of all experience levels, enhancing its appeal.
  3. Variety in Betting: Players can customize their gaming experience by choosing their bet size and the number of bones, catering to different risk appetites.
  4. Multiplier Mechanics: The game incorporates a multiplier that increases with the number of bones selected, adding a strategic element to the gameplay.
  5. Cash Out Option: Players have the unique ability to cash out at any time during the game, allowing them to secure winnings or minimize potential losses.
  6. Demo Mode Availability: The availability of a demo mode enables players to explore the game without making a deposit, helping them understand the mechanics and develop strategies.
  7. Secure and Legitimate: Developed by Upgaming, Mystake Chicken is considered a safe and reliable minigame, ensuring a secure gaming environment.


  1. Game of Chance: Despite strategies to optimize winning chances, Mystake Chicken remains a game of chance with no guaranteed success strategy.
  2. Risk of Addiction: There is a risk of addiction associated with any gambling game, and responsible gaming practices are emphasized in user reviews.
  3. Addictiveness: Opinions on the addictiveness of the game are mixed, with some players finding it thrilling while others caution against potential addictive tendencies.

Mission Uncrossable Overview


  1. Strategic Gameplay: Mission Uncrossable offers a mission-based gameplay requiring strategic decision-making and skill, attracting players who enjoy a more thoughtful gaming experience.
  2. Engaging Storyline: The game features an engaging storyline, immersing players in a mission where success is determined by their decisions and actions.
  3. Skill-Based Challenges: Players face skill-based challenges, providing a sense of accomplishment for overcoming obstacles and completing missions.
  4. Progressive Difficulty: As players advance through missions, the difficulty level increases, keeping the gameplay challenging and engaging.
  5. Mission Variety: The game offers a variety of missions, ensuring that players can enjoy diverse challenges and experiences.
  6. Multiplayer Options: Some versions of Mission Uncrossable may include multiplayer options, allowing players to collaborate or compete with others.


  1. Learning Curve: The game may have a steeper learning curve compared to Mystake Chicken, requiring players to invest time in understanding the mechanics and strategies.
  2. Less Predictable Returns: Unlike Mystake Chicken’s high RTP, Mission Uncrossable may not guarantee consistent returns, as success depends on players’ skills and decisions.

Welcome Bonus up to 80 FS



With Mission Uncrossable on Roobet, the traditional “chicken cross road” idea is given an exciting new twist by fusing it with the thrill of online betting. For players looking for both nostalgia and a chance to win large, the game delivers an immersive and enjoyable experience with its many difficulty levels, multiplier dynamics, and dedication to demonstrable fairness. So why hold off? Play Roobet’s Mission Uncrossable now to take on the task, cross the roads, and see how lucky you are!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Mission Uncrossable on Roobet

Gameplay and Rules

How do I play Mission Uncrossable?

To play Mission Uncrossable, enter a bet amount, choose a difficulty level (Easy, Medium, Hard, or Daredevil), and attempt to cross roads without colliding with cars. Successfully crossing lanes results in winning a multiplier for the bet amount.

What happens if I collide with a car?

 If you collide with a car in Mission Uncrossable, your bet will be lost. The game ends either when you choose to cash out, collide with a car, or complete the 24th lane.

Can I choose to cash out during the game?

Yes, you have the option to cash out at any time during Mission Uncrossable. Simply click the cash-out button to secure your winnings.

What is the Demo mode, and how do I access it?

The Demo mode allows players to experience Mission Uncrossable without risking funds. Enter 0 as the bet amount to start the Demo mode and familiarize yourself with the game dynamics.

Difficulty Levels

What are the difficulty levels, and how do they affect the game?

Mission Uncrossable offers four difficulty levels:
Easy: 1 collision for every 25 lanes
Medium: 3 collisions for every 25 lanes
Hard: 5 collisions for every 25 lanes
Daredevil: 10 collisions for every 25 lanes
Difficulty levels influence the probability of collisions and the multiplier per lane.

How are multipliers determined in Mission Uncrossable?

The multiplier for each bet in Mission Uncrossable increases with the number of successfully crossed lanes. Additionally, higher difficulty levels provide a higher multiplier per lane.

Provably Fair and Verification

What does “Provably Fair” mean in Mission Uncrossable?

“Provably Fair” means that players can independently verify the fairness of each bet. Roobet ensures transparency by allowing players to check and confirm the results of their bets through a dedicated section on the website.

How do I verify the fairness of my bets?

To verify the fairness of your bets in Mission Uncrossable, visit the Roobet website and go to the “https://rooBet.com/fair” section. There, you can find tabs for each game, including instructions on how to verify your bets and view the results.

Technical Issues and Disconnects

What happens if I disconnect from the website during the game?

If you disconnect from the website during Mission Uncrossable, the game will automatically end. Ensure a stable internet connection to enjoy uninterrupted gameplay.

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