Lucky-Minigames Team constantly checks new mini games on the gambling market. We rate the game with indicators that include Return To Player Ratio, Design and User Experience.

upGaming Aqua Rings is a casino minigame which is based on the portable aqua ring device. Game is offered by MyStake and other casino brands.

Chicken is a mingame created by upGaming and available on many online caisino platforms.

Dino is a Crash Game developed by a game provider UpGaming. The game is popular on MyStake and other casino brands.

Teleport is a minigame available on MyStake and other online casino brands. The Old Professor is the main character of this minigame.


Lucky-Minigames Team reviews the most catchy, fun and profitable games available on different online casinos. These games have been played and tested by our gambling experts and an honest review is given in articles below!

James Frost & Lost City
James Frost & Lost City
HiLo Game
Wheel Game
The Greatest Catch By Evoplay
The Greatest Catch By Evoplay
Mini Blackjack Game
Mini Blackjack Game
Dice Game
Nomad Slot
Lazy Sheriff Slot
Lazy Sheriff Slot


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News In Gambling Business

Lucky Minigames Team actively posts about the news in gambling industry, provides you with the newest information about game providers, future plans of brands, game strategies, etc…

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Best Casino minigames

Minigames appeared out of nowhere and quickly gained worldwide fame. Online casinos love to offer the games people are keen on. Minigames have risen to prominence in the gambling industry, alongside slots and live casino. Have you ever heard of crash games such as Dino, Aviator or Jetx? There are numerous other similar games with various interpretations. What makes them unique? First of all, the likelihood of winning is very high. Since many people enjoy playing them, casinos have a 1–3% house edge. And another thing is that we love to taste new fruits. Anything new makes us more excited and interested, especially if it’s very delicious.

We are here to guide you to the universe of minigames. There are quite a lot of reviews of the games we tested, and they are pretty tasty. Make sure to check the category of minigames for more detailed information. Of course, we’ll add more and more games and news step by step. So stay tuned.

The games Chicken, Icefield, and Dino are among our favorites. They are fun to play and, in addition, the nice graphics are quite appealing. Of course, there are Plinko, Keno, Blackjack, Dice, Wheel and other games which can be interesting for their easy and simple interface.

Chicken Game 

Chicken game, in other words, ‘’Chicken Mystake’’  (the game was popularized by Mystake casino, so many players refer to it so)  is quite easy to play. Players from all over the world will agree that opening the dishes and earning extra money can be a lot of fun. So we have 25 spots full of bones and roasted chickens.  Our mission is to get as many chickens as possible and satisfy our “hunger.” .If you catch some eaten chicken, er, bones, you’re out of luck.. 

What’s more, How many bones you want in the round is always your choice. Keep in mind that the game can get harder the more bones you choose. But as a result, the win amount rises. One of our favorites is the chicken minigame because it makes winning money simple. Don’t forget that RTP of it is 99%. Excellent! 

Icefield Game 

Icefield casino game is similar to Chicken. It’s a little different, though. What you should do is to avoid thin ice cubes, but you never know which one is solid ground. You earn more money by passing more fields. Many, actually quite a good number, of people succeeded in getting there. Playing Icefield Yeti is enjoyable and a little addictive. It keeps you entertained for hours on end. 

Many players were won over by the Icefield Yeti. It is also a 99% RTP casino game. 

Dino Crash game

Dino casino game is played widely throughout the world. It resembles other crash games like Blaze, JetX, Aviator, and so forth. However, the key difference is design. Dino runs until the asteroid crashes. The multiplier is increased each second(s), which can reach even 1000X. Remember that the round’s maximum win is 10,000 USD or its equivalent. 

Teleport minigames

The protagonist of Teleport Game is a scientist who tries to stay alive by avoiding dangerous portals. Your objective is to make money while ensuring that the elderly man only uses reliable portals. The multiplier rises as the scientist moves up, and you win more. For many of us, Teleport is a very captivating and enjoyable game. It is one of the lucrative games that pays out, in our team’s opinion.

Best Minigame Casinos

Everything is ready, and we can’t wait to play some minigames. But where to start? Which casinos offer the best minigames and bonuses?

Let’s find it out together. 

Mystake casino

Mystake is a well-known casino that has already established its reliability. As we looked through the internet, a lot of players love Mystake for its minigames. Moreover, the casino always offers fresh bonuses and free promo codes.

Mystake is the top casino in providing minigames. People search – “Chicken Mystake” , “Mystake Dino”, Icefield Mystake, Teleport Mystake, because these games gained popularity through this casino. There are several reasons for that – fast payments, bonus codes, user-friendliness. The casino offers not only minigames but also sports betting, slots and a live casino. We can directly say that Mystake is one of the leading and most popular casinos providing Chicken game, Dino minigame, Icefield Yeti, Aquarings casino games, and so on. Read our blog about Mystake casino news and get all the important information.

5 EUR No Deposit free bets on Minigames

100% welcome Minigames bonus

Deposits between 20€/$ and 500€/$ will be awarded with a 100% bonus.  The minimum deposit required to receive the bonus is 20 euros or dollars. All of the minigames, excluding DICE and WHEEL, are eligible for the Mini Games Bonus.

After your initial deposit, the bonus will be immediately credited to your account. The bonus should then be manually activated. (In order to receive the bonus, you must first activate the bonus before playing any minigames.)

One time, 10 Dino free runs on any deposit.

To take advantage of this bonus, first, deposit a minimum of 20€ using one of the deposit methods available at MyStake. Dino Promo code – DINOFREERUN

Keep in mind that you should activate the code if your balance is zero, otherwise your real money will be under the wagering requirement.

10% cashback  On crypto deposits.

Your cashback will be equal to 10% of your losses after totaling all of your cryptocurrency deposits for the month.

• No wagering requirements.

• No maximum bet.

• No maximum cash-out restrictions.

• Real Cash. You can make instant cash out

Mystake offers a variety of deposit options, including bank transfers, Skrill, Neteller, cryptocurrency, and many more. Withdrawals are processed within 1-3 working days, most times even earlier. Additionally, live chat is available 24/7 and ready to help with any problems you may have. Mystake is regulated by Curacao E-gaming license, so you need not worry that casino may not pay your winnings.

Goldenbet Casino

Golden casino is governed by a Curacao E-gaming license, and it is possible to play via a VPN. That will never be an issue for you. Furthermore, it is distinguished from other casinos by a large selection of casino games and high odds.

The casino game variety is vast, with over 5,000 games and up to 100 game suppliers in the slot game category alone. Pragmatic Play, NoLimitCity, Play’n GO, NetEnt, EGT, and other well-known suppliers are also available.

Goldenbet is one of the casinos that also has the rights to Upgaming mini-games including Chicken, Icefield, Teleport, Dino, and Aqua Ring. Mystake originally debuted on the market with these games and immediately garnered notoriety in the worldwide market, but it was soon not alone, and other businesses bought the rights to these games.

Fresh-bet casino

Fresh-bet casino is relatively new, but it has already managed to gain the trust of players. The casino has a partnership with Upgaming, the software provider, and offers the same minigames as Mystake.

Fresh-bet is also governed by a Curacao license, which ensures fair gaming. So there is nothing worrisome. The casino has nice bonus offers, free spins and free bets.

Besides Minigames, Fresh-bet has diverse slots, live casino games, and sports betting. You will never be bored there. If you are looking for fun, fresh-bet is for you.

Best Casino Bonus Offers

Every casino tries to attract players with awesome bonuses. That’s something land-based casinos never offer.  Why do online casinos have eye-catching bonuses when the cost is quite high? The accurate answer would be ‘’PLAYERS’’. There are a lot of brands competing with each other to offer better service and win you over to their side. There are several types of bonuses. Let’s discuss each one in detail.

Welcome bonuses

Almost every casino has at least one welcome deposit bonus. It means you will get additional funds. Offers start at 50% and go up. However, be wary of excessive bonuses. It might be a sign of a scam casino or that requirements are impossible to fulfill. Let’s imagine we deposit 100 euros. With a 500% bonus offer, you are supposed to get an additional 500 EUR. Such a large amount is quite suspicious. Before making a deposit, carefully check the wagering requirements and credibility of a casino.

We have a bunch of welcome bonus offers on our website. Take time to give it a glance through the link.

Promo Code Bonus

Well, I am sure you have activated at least one promo code in your lifetime. Promo codes provide additional benefits. They may have even better wagering rules, for example.

There are different codes depending on what you prefer to play.

You can be given a code for certain slots or minigames. If you prefer sports betting, casinos have a wide selection. Most free bets can be activated with special codes. So, if you are searching for such bonus codes, you are in the right place. We have exclusive offers for you. Just check our bonus page. Click the button to enter the world of bonus codes.

No deposit Minigame Bonuses : free promo code

Most no-deposit bonuses are linked to promo codes. It’s a good opportunity to test a casino without depositing any money. Once you look around and see if the website suits your taste, you can continue with real money.

Actually, casinos have no income from such bonuses. Quite the contrary, there are expenses for hosting them. It’s a gift given to potential players. Casinos are hoping that you will become their loyal player. Then why should we miss this chance? Since you are here, it means you are into minigames. We will not upset you. You can take a look at our large assortment of free minigames promo codes.

Best Free Spins offers

Do you love playing slots? Who doesn’t? Slot wins bring excitement that is incomparable. We love spinning and patiently wait for big wins. Come on, if we lose, there is the second round offering the possible jackpot. I love slots for their simplicity and possibility of hitting the jackpot.

Have you ever heard that a player won 10 thousand euros with 5 euros? It’s not a lie. Some can win that much with little money, but not always. Luck comes and goes. It can’t stick to you.

A lot of casinos give users free spins for signing up. You just need to register to claim it. Some others may grant you them based on deposits. Don’t forget loyalty bonuses. If you are used to playing in certain casinos, they award you free spins and other catchy offers. Spare your time and check free spins offers from different casinos.

How to find the best casino minigames?

Note down Lucky-Minigames. It’s the place where you can get updated information about the latest casino minigames. Nowadays, a lot more software providers are making creative games. The assortment of such products is expanding massively. Pioneers of minigames have older versions that don’t attract our eyes. Old games gradually become unsatisfactory to our curiosity. As for the new games, they are more stylish with nice graphics. You will never be bored with such a wide range of options.

If you often visit our website, you will never miss such announcements. We’ll give you the latest news about upcoming and recently launched games.

Game Strategies in Online Casinos

We love to play, but it’s more enjoyable if we win some money, right? Therefore, many players are trying to find any clues to win over the program. That’s not an easy job at all. There are numerous strategies, but do they really work? Actually, some of them might be fine in the short term. Eventually, the system always wins if we look at the overall deposits and withdrawals of all players altogether. It’s a kind of commission we pay for having fun. The mechanism is mostly random, so you may suddenly win unimaginable money, but at the same time, other players are likely doomed to lose. The system never favors anyone. However, if you have a lot of losses in certain games, you are likely to recover the funds in the long term.

There are several mathematical strategies like the martingale, labouchere, fibonacci, and so on. Of course, you can test if the technique is profitable. We will research such strategies in detail and discuss the tips and tricks you can try. Check out the category of Game Strategies. We are regularly adding new techniques.