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The Aviator game is well known in online gambling world for its simplicity and pleasant environment. It allows you to bet on increasing odds, which is displayed as a curve, this is a great opportunity to make money, but as every other gambling game it also has an element of risk. When the round starts the plane starts to take off and fly slowly, the multiplayer is increasing simultaneously with altitude, once the plane accelerates and flies away the multiplier crashes.

  The Aviator Game was developed by SPRIBE, who claims that the game has RTP of astonishing 97% and is Provably Fair. Provable fairness is a transparent way of ensuring a fair and clear betting experience in which bet manipulation is not possible. as a result of all these features the Aviator is less risky and more profitable.

How to Play Aviator Game?

 The Aviator Game is fairly simple to grasp. The retro-styled display, which has a black background with a red curve and a plane, makes for a comfortable environment in which we can enjoy our time.  The basic goal of the game is to allow players decide when to cash out the money. Let’s get into more detail about the game process.

Aviator game

Player should bet between $0.10 – $100 per round. Bets are placed Before the plane takes off and the game begins as soon as it takes off. As the plane soars higher, odds increase, higher the odd, higher the winnings, which is exactly what we’re looking for. We need to determine the most suitable time to cash out before it’s too late. If the plane accelerates rapidly and flies away, the multiplier will crash, and we will lose our stake. However, in the alternative, we can win the sum of our bet multiplied by the odd at which we cashed out.

  Additionally, you can place two hypothetical bets on a single round. We’ll discuss details about this in the Strategies section.

In-Game Chat

 One of Aviator’s greatest advantage is Built in chat, with it you can communicate with players all around the world. This experience will take your enjoyment even further.

You can use chat to:

  • Communicate with other players, share your experience.
  • Get information from other players
  • Receive information about important events
  • Take part in promotions like Rain Promo

Aviator Live Statistics

On top of the Aviator Game window you can check the shortened list of multipliers of the last rounds, you can also open the corresponding tab next to it, which will show history of last 60 games.

On the left of the Aviator Game we can see the live bets made by players and their cash outs. It also adds transparency to the game.

Features / Promotions

Free Bets – You can check the status of Free Bets from the Game Menu > Free Bets. You might receive it from either operator or Rain Feature.

Rain Feature – This promotion gives Free Spins to players. It might appear in the chat and anyone can receive it by just clicking “Claim” button.

Auto Play / Auto Cash Out – You can stop the Auto Play when: The cash decreases or increases by preset amount or if the winning from a single round reaches preset amount.

Demo Play – Demo version of the game is available on any Casino where the Aviator game presents. It allows players to bet without real-money which is a great opportunity to test the game. We absolutely recommend you to try demo version before playing with real money. This is even more relevant if you do not have any experience with similar crash games.

Aviator game

Strategies, Tips & Tricks

 If you want to gain the most profit from Aviator you should play according to following rules:

  • Try demo version before playing with real money to get grasp of the game.
  • Make low bets, winnings will be lower as well, but it’s much less risky than going all in.
  • Don’t get too greedy. Multiplier might crash any moment, so it’s better to cash out safe.
  • Read about the Aviator Algorithm and Predictor below to be more familiar with the game.

Aviator Algorithm

Results of each round is not generated by the Spribe servers, rather it’s generated from the players and is fully transparent. Let’s dig into more details. The round seed is generated by four independent participants, three of whom are randomly selected individuals from the room and one of whom is the Operator. Hashed version of the operator’s seed is available publicly. After the seeds are done generating the AI merges all the received seeds and generates “SHA512” hash, from which it extracts the Game Result (Final Multiplier).

aviator provably fair algorithm

Aviator Predictor

Because Aviator’s algorithm is inconsistent and unstable, it cannot be predicted. Since days, our crew has been testing Aviator, but we couldn’t find a single pattern. However, even if there is no means to forecast the following round, we may use the fundamental laws of probability, according to which it is nearly impossible to crash after getting two 1x multipliers in a row. Following this principle, we can avoid crashing and withdraw at the low coefficients, only wait for the higher odds after the last 3-6 round multipliers are lower than 2x.

aviator odd history

Is it Worth to Play Aviator?

 According to the makers, the Aviator’s RTP is 97%, making it a fantastic gambling game. Additionally, the Provably Fair mechanism is totally transparent, thus improving the game’s reputation. It’s also remarkable, that the coefficients are generated by random, which makes it impossible to either predict or manipulate the game. We’ll discuss Aviator’s algorithm later.

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