Plinko is a casino minigame developed by upGaming and exclusively available on MyStake, JackBit and other casino brands.

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  • Several game modes
  • Adjustable Multipliers
  • Smooth Design
  • Good Sounds
  • Multipliers are small in size
  • Uncomfortable to play with Mobile

MyStake Minigames

Minigames are becoming increasingly popular in online casinos and are even starting to overtake traditional casino games. Furthermore, Among the major publishers of online casino mini-games, Mystake is probably one of the most dominant by publishing upGaming’s Chicken mine game, the Dino crash game, and the possibility to play Plinko casino game. Mystake provides you with an opportunity to entertain by entering this website. Plinko betting is also available on other casino brands, but the most popular platform that offers it is still MyStake.



1500 €/$



What is Plinko game?

This game is the modern digital take of the game that was first seen on “The Price is Right” back in 1983. Of course, that itself was inspired by the popular pachinko machines in Japan.


When you first get yourself to the breathtaking game of Plinko betting, you will see a pyramid shaped board filled with lots of pins ranging from 52 to 168. While taking a closer look, beneath the board you will see a set of boxes, each indicating a different multiplier with the highest on the sides and the lowest in the middle, ranging from 0.2x to 1000x.

 In the game, there are a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 16 rows. Before you start playing the game, you can adjust the outcome of your winnings. Moreover, the less rows you are playing against, the higher are your chances of win and vice versa.. You can also change the “Game Risk” by setting it either on “Low”, “Medium” or “High” as the multipliers increase and decrease with them. Whereas the bet range is quite amazing, ranging from 0.20$ to 1000$ per ball, making the game accessible for any budget player..

Plinko casino game is an entertaining casino game that offers simplicity of use to players while maintaining high volatility that allows for explosive payouts. Providing an RTP (return to players) between 98% and 99%, Plinko gambling is one of the most profitable games in casino history.

In this article, we will talk in more detail about how to play the Plinko betting game and what strategies we can use while playing this game.

How to Play Plinko

The Plinko Casino game is in the form of a pyramid with small white circles called “Pins”. The ball falls into the maze with its trajectory deflected by the pins and eventually lands in a colored box. That box determines your payout. The player can choose the number of pins that are presented in the game (from 8 to 16), which increases or decreases with the potential range of maximum winning. More pins will make it harder to win, but you will also be looking at a higher payout. You can adjust the game risk and set it on Low, Medium or High upon your preference. Of course, higher risk has higher payouts!



1500 €/$



Strategy and Tricks

As you have already understood, Plinko betting is a very simple, easy to play game, however there are several options regarding the strategies for the game, depending on what type of player you are. Whether you like “High Risk” – “High Payout” or “Low Risk” – “Low Payout?” answer this question for yourself and you will have an instant answer.

plinko game

Some players prefer playing at a higher risk level for higher payouts, while others prefer it low but steady. Besides, the key advantage, for it is that you get to adjust the volatility within the game itself. Besides, every casino game has a different strategy, helping you to increase the chances for your winnings. For this mini-game you must choose your plan wisely and follow it to the end.

The best way to insure your wins on the Plinko casino game, is to set the row of pins to 8 and the game risk to “Low”. With this strategy, there is one box out of nine you might lose money on, all the others are profit. Choose the highest bet you can afford and drop as many balls as possible, the win amount will not be significantly high, however it will be consistent, leaving you in guaranteed profit at the end. Other way is the “High Risk” strategy, where you set the row count to 16 and the game risk to “High”, you choose a medium bet and once again, drop as many balls as possible, hoping that one of them will drop in a 1000x and winning the maximum amount possible.

Also, MyStake casino lets you place smaller bet sizes, which is suitable for every budget.

You can view our methods and strategies for various games on our strategies page!

Play Plinko casino game with Bonus

There are several bonuses offered for Plinko gambling. While visiting our Bonus page, you will see information about free bets and free rounds at online casinos for Plinko betting. In addition to this, Lucky-minigames team offers special free spins for its loyal readers! visit the page and learn more about our offers!

How to deposit to play Plinko betting game

As you already know, to play Plinko gambling game, you need to deposit real money on the MyStake casino. Here we will guide you how to do that step by step. Make sure to pay attention and follow the steps exactly as show. Firstly, you need to find out which payment options are available for your country on the casino website. Different countries are provided by different payment options, to best suit their financial institutions. On MyStake, there are various different types of payments like : Visa / Mastercard, Netteler, Dinersclub, Webmoney, BTC, PayOp, Ecopayz, Sofort, Qiwi, Skrill, Paysafecard, JCB, Mifinity, Pix, Boleto, USDT, Das, XRP, Eth and many more, out of which you are guaranteed to find most suitable on for yourself. Now let’s dive into the steps.

  • Step 1: Go to MyStake website and sign up or log in on it.
  • Step 2: After successfully accessing your account, in the top right corner, you will see a Deposit button, Click on it.
  • Step 3: Choose your deposit method.
  • Step 4: Enter the desired deposit amount and click submit.
  • Step 5: Fill your payment information and that’s it – Refresh the page to see the money deposited in your playing account.

How to Withdraw your winnings

As everyone knows, the most important thing about a casino is it’s easy to use and fast Deposit / Withdrawal methods. If you are one of the many lucky people that has already won money in MyStake casino playing the Plinko gambling game and want to safely withdraw your funds, here is a step by step guide on how to do that.

  • Step 1: Go to MyStake casino website and log in to your account.
  • Step 2: In the top right corner, you will see your username, indicating your account. Click on it!
  • Step 4: Navigate through the list given on the left side of your screen and locate “Withdraw Money” button. Click on it!
  • Step 5: Choose the payment option, you feel most comfortable with, enter the desired withdrawal amount and click on submit.
  • Step 6: Don’t forget to enjoy your winnings!

Users opinion about Plinko game

When our team dived deep into the customers reviews, we found out that opinions are divided into two, both assuring that it can get very exciting and addictive. Some users think it’s an amazing game with high possibilities to win big fast, others think that it’s very easy to be dragged deep into the game, betting more than you intended to in the first place, however most of them also stated that it took only one good hit to get them in the winning position. Since most users write about it’s addictiveness, always keep in mind to gamble responsibly and always play with money that you can afford to lose. This way you can enjoy the games without worrying about your finances.

Our opinion about the Plinko casino game

Further more, after testing Plinko betting for several hours by our team, we can say that the game is entertaining, easy to use, and suitable for all players. Plinko gambling appears to be a total success for mini-game lovers. With such a high win potential and payout rate, the benefits are more than numerous. we’re sure you’ll enjoy it as much as we do. You should try it!

MyStake is becoming the leader in mini-games. Also should be noted other entertaining games such as Dino, Chicken, HiLo, Wheel, Icefield, Dice, and Keno.

You can state your opinion and experience about Plinko minigame in the comments down below!

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