Plinko is a casino minigame developed by upGaming and exclusively available on MyStake, JackBit and other casino brands.

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  • Several game modes
  • Adjustable Multipliers
  • Smooth Design
  • Good Sounds
  • Multipliers are small in size
  • Uncomfortable to play with Mobile

MyStake Minigames

Minigames are becoming increasingly popular in online casinos and are even starting to overtake traditional casino games. Among the major publishers of online casino mini-games, Mystake is probably one of the most dominant by publishing upGaming’s Chicken mine game, the Dino crash game, and the possibility to play Plinko. Mystake provides you with an opportunity to entertain by entering this website. Plinko is also available on other casino brands, but the most popular platform that offers it is still MyStake.



1500 €/$



What is Plinko game?

This game is the modern digital take of the game that was first seen on “The Price is Right” back in 1983. Of course, that itself was inspired by the popular pachinko machines in Japan.


Plinko gambling rule is super simple. A ball rolls down a maze of pins, and what you win depends on which box it lands in.

Plinko is an entertaining casino game that offers simplicity of use to players while maintaining high volatility that allows for explosive payouts. Providing an RTP (return to players) between 98% and 99%, Plinko is one of the most profitable games in casino history.

In this article, we will talk in more detail about how to play the Plinko game and what strategies we can use while playing this game.

How to Play Plinko

The Plinko Casino mini-game is in the form of a pyramid with small white circles called “Pins”. The ball falls into the maze with its trajectory deflected by the pins and eventually lands in a colored box. That box determines your payout. The player can choose the number of pins that are presented in the game (from 8 to 16), which increases or decreases with the potential range of maximum winning. More pins will make it harder to win, but you will also be looking at a higher payout. You can adjust the game risk and set it on Low, Medium or High upon your preference. Of course, higher risk has higher payouts!



1500 €/$



Strategy and Tricks

There are simple techniques that can increase your chances of winning money. There are several options depending on how much risk you want to take.

plinko game

Some players prefer playing at a higher risk level for higher payouts, while others prefer it low but steady. The key advantage with it is that you get to adjust the volatility within the game itself.

Also, MyStake casino lets you place smaller bet sizes, which is suitable for every budget.

You can view our methods and strategies for various games on our strategies page!

Play Plinko with Bonus

There are several bonuses offered for Plinko. You can visit our Bonus page for detailed information about free bets, free rounds and welcome bonuses available at online casinos for Plinko. Lucky-minigames team offers special free spins for its loyal readers! visit the page and learn more about our offers!

Our opinion about the Plinko game

After testing on Plinko for several hours by our team, we can say that the game is entertaining, easy to use, and suitable for all players, Plinko appears to be a total success for mini-game lovers. With such a high win potential and payout rate, the benefits are more than numerous. we’re sure you’ll enjoy it as much as we do. You should try it!

MyStake is becoming the leader in mini-games. Also should be noted other entertaining games such as Dino, Chicken, HiLo, Wheel, Icefield, Dice, and Keno.

You can state your opinion and experience about Plinko minigame in the comments down below!

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