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MyStake Galaxy – Your Road to VIP

Every MyStake Player is entitled to participate in the VIP loyalty system. Earn points as you play Slots, Sports or Mini Games, exchange the earned points for Cash and more prizes! Travel from Planet to Planet as you earn more and more MyStake VIP Points for greater rewards and perks!

How To Earn Points?

For every bet you make on Slots, Mini Games or Sports events, you gain VIP Points. For each bet made, 1% of your bet amount is transferred in your points balance. Every 100$ bet brings you 1 VIP point, accordingly.

Game TypeBetAccumulated Points
Mini Games100$1
Live Casino

Perks and Benefits of VIP Levels

The Loyalty system at MyStake has 10 levels. Each planet of the solar system represents each VIP level. As you join MyStake, you start your VIP journey from the Pluto, which is the 1st VIP level. As you earn points, you travel from planet to planet, getting closer and closer to the Sun, which is the highest VIP level.

See the chart below for the detailed perks and benefits that each level represents

LevelPoints RangeRakeback Cashout %Additional Perks
Level 1: Pluto0-5000Welcome Bonus
Level 2: Neptune500-50002% Of Points50 Free Spins
Level 3: Uranus5000-13,0003% Of Points100 Free Spins + 5% Weekly Cashback
Level 4: Saturn13,000-25,0004% Of Points150 Free Spins + 6% Weekly Cashback
Level 5: Jupiter25,000-40,0005% Of Points200 Free Spins + 7% Weekly Cashback + VIP Manager
Level 6: Mars40,000-60,0006% Of Points250 Free Spins + 8% Weekly Cashback + VIP Manager
Level 7: Earth60,000-80,0007% Of Points300 Free Spins + 10% Weekly Cashback
Level 8: Venus80,000-100,0008% Of Points350 Free Spins + 12% Weekly Cashback + VIP Manager
Level 9: Mercury100,000-150,0009% Of Points400 Free Spins + 13% Weekly Cashback + VIP Manager
Level 10: SUNHANDPICKED10% Of PointsCustomized, Exclusive VIP Rewards from our VIP Manager

How Can I Claim My Rewards?

–          You can redeem your VIP points into cash at the rate available with your current VIP level. For example, if you’re level 5, you can exchange 500 points in 25$ Cash as the level offers 5% Rakeback rate.

–          You have two progress bars: Lifetime points and Current points. Lifetime points determine your current level, while Current points determines your cashout amount. By redeeming your points into cash, your Current points are nullified, and Lifetime points remain.

–          You can redeem points into cash anytime, if your current points are equal or greater than 500.

–          Minimum redeem points are 500.

–          FREE SPINS: As soon as you get promoted to the new level, the relevant amount of free spins will be automatically granted to your account. (Please allow us maximum of 10 minutes delay for granting you free spins)

–          Weekly Cashback Percentage is determined by your current VIP level.

–          Starting from level 5, you are entitled to request a personal VIP manager. Ask for the contact information of your VIP manager in the Live Chat or at [email protected] as soon as you reach level 5!

More Details about MyStake’s Galaxy VIP System

1) Excluded bets

–          Bets made on Live Casino Games do not participate in the VIP loyalty system.

–          Mini Games bets cashed out with less than 1.3x odds do not participate in the loyalty system.

–          For sports bets, the points are rewarded only after the betslip status is finalized (won / lost)

–          Roulette slots, double option slots and video poker are excluded from the VIP system. See the list of all excluded games.

–          During an active bonus, your points are 0.5% of your total bets.

2) Wagering Requirements

–          The redeemed cash is free of any wager requirements and can be instantly withdrawn, unless it contradicts other terms and conditions of MyStake.

–          If you have an active bonus during redeeming your cash, a pop-up box will appear, asking you whether to confirm the redeem operation or not. In case if you decide to redeem cash during an active bonus, please note that the rules of an active bonus will apply to the redeemed cash.

–          Free Spins granted for being promoted to the new level are wager-free.

3) Minimum required Actual Points to exchange in cash is 500.

4) Any attempt to outsmart the VIP point system by implementing any strategies to earn points will result in your account to be excluded from the VIP system.

5) General Terms and Conditions apply

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