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Aero Game is a new MyStake Crash Game with the highest RTP in the history. Enjoy playing with highest bonus!

Mystake Roulette mini-game is an latest addition to Mystake online casino developed by Upgaming team

megapari toto is a loterry type game.

The innovative crypto casino Roobet recently disclosed the launch of a new crypto game in collaboration with the rapper, actor, and producer Snoop Dogg.

Frog is a mingame created by UpGaming and available on many online caisino platforms.

MyStake Candy is an exciting new slot game that has been recently added to the extensive portfolio of games available at MyStake.

Mystake Casino has released a new game named Limbo. It has a 99% RTP and is one of the most profitable games available online.

Armada is the newest MyStake Mini Game which is different from every other game that we've seen. Take part in war and destroy enemy ships!

Crash games, slots and mini games


Everything about crash games, slots and mini games. Lucky-minigames team offers their readers reviews and articles about interesting and adventurous games. For example slot games include:

Lazy Sheriff

Lazy Sheriff

Slot, which is a classic slot on game 5×3 dimensions. Its main thematic is the cowboy period of America 1870s. You meet very interesting symbols there: Sheriff Badge, Wanted Paper Advertisement, TNT explosive, a Horseshoe and other enjoyable ones.

Nomad slot

This slot is developed by game developer company UpGaming. The main source of inspire the term “Nomad” is from the Viking way of life. The slot’s primary character, who also serves as the game’s top symbol, is an adorable little nomad armed with a sharp sword.

Crash slots and minigames

James Frost & Lost City slot game

Crash slots and minigames

A 5×3 dimension grid is available for this game. The pay lines can be changed to fit your budget. You may assist James Frost in seeking an El Dorado treasure while playing this game and experience Aztec civilisation.

However, they are also really enjoyable casino games with attractive visuals that make playing them enjoyable. You may thus try your luck on several betting websites, like Mystake, Goldenbet, Jackbit, Freshbet, and others.


In addition, our team offers readers appraisals of minigames, which are tested by our professionals.

Dice game

Dice is a mini game created by upGaming, that is accessible on a variety of online casino platforms like MyStake, JackBit, Fresh-bet, Goldenbet, and others. This game is available in different casinos and follows the same logic; the only change is the RTP coefficient.


Mini BlackJack game

Crash slots and minigames

Millions of players from all around the world enjoy playing the card game blackjack online. The blackjack game is a fun way to pass the time while also expanding your capacity for strategic thought and putting your ability to react under pressure to the test.

Wheel game

The wheel game is popular around the world. The guidelines are quite basic. In front of you is the multicolored wheel. Here, you just need a little luck to come out on top. You have a fantastic chance to earn a significant sum of money while playing this minigame.

Crash slots and minigames

HiLo game


If you enjoy playing cards, this game is for you! Hilo is one of these mini-games created by Upgaming. It’s simple to play and enjoyable for those who enjoy taking chances. Get a thrilling experience with all or nothing odds!

Aqua Rings game

Aqua Rings by upGaming is a casino minigame based on the portable aqua ring gadget. This game features numerous poles, each with its own multiplayer ranging from 1.13x to 110x. However, if you want to relive your childhood, read our post first and then play the game, which is available at Mystake, Goldenbet, Jackbit, Freshbet, and other online casinos.

Crash slots and minigames

Icefield Yeti game

Crash slots and minigames

The Yeti is a legendary creature that some think lives in the Himalayas. We should assist Yeti in walking through the icefield without falling through. Our major goal is to preserve his life and safely reach the last cube. Try this game, help Yeti in walking and win great amount.

Dino minigame

Millions of gamers across the world love watching an adorable dinosaur run and gain multiplayers until it is struck by a meteor. Crash games are quite popular among casino patrons. Dino is one of the most entertaining crash games.




This is the contemporary digital version of the game that debuted on “The Price is Right” in 1983. The Plinko gaming rule is quite easy. A ball slides down a maze of pins, and your prize is determined by the box it lands in. This ease of use allows you to win big rewards while having fun.

The teleport game’s

The fundamental idea behind the Teleport is that an old professor should be assisted in reaching the top of his domains through the use of teleportation.Because each successful step increases the amount of multipliers, the teleports game strategy is to save the professor and reach the last field.

Crash slots and minigames

The chicken game


The Chicken Game has taken over the entire globe. The chicken game is pretty basic. It’s all about putting your luck to the test while simultaneously enjoying the adrenaline of taking chances. Chicken is quite profitable. As we discovered, Mystake boasts the maximum potential RTP (return to player ratio) of 99%.

Upcoming games

At present, our upcoming games are the James Frost & Lost City slot game, Nomad slot, and Lazy Sheriff slot. Be the first winner of these games!