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  • High RTP
  • Memory Based
  • Progressive Gameplay
  • Lack of gravity effects

General Information:

RTP of Aquarings: 99%

Max Bet: 1,000 EUR / USD          
Max Win: 11,000 EUR / USD

Min Bet: 0.20 EUR / USD

About AquaRings

Remember playing portable AquaRings game in your childhood? Enjoyed spamming the button to shoot the ring? Don’t worry if you’re already grown up, because you can still enjoy playing this game as an adult!

A casino game developer company, Upgaming, which has developed the most famous minigames like Chicken, Plinko, Icefield and Slots like Nomad, King Arthur, James Frost & Lost City and many more, has come up with a new, childhood-memory based minigame, Aqua Rings. The playing experience is just like playing it in a portable device. The difference is that you have to be adult to play it!

Where to Play Aqua Rings Game?

In order to play Upgaming’s Aqua Rings, you have to register on MyStake Casino. You can find Aqua Rings Game only on MyStake at the moment! Later it may be available Fresh-bet, Goldenbet, and other casinos available on our casino reviews page!

  1. Visit MyStake.com Casino
  2. Create your account
  3. Make your First deposit
  4. Open Minigames > AquaRings
  5. Choose your bet size and start playing!

Each click on the button means that you are betting a real money, predicting that the ring will hit the pole. In order to participate in such real-money betting minigames, you should first make a real money deposit. (Learn how to deposit real money on a casino). You can even enjoy a Minigames Welcome Bonus to double your deposit. Playing Aqua Rings on casinos reviewed by Lucky Minigames team. Among available deposit methods on MyStake, JackBit, Fresh-bet and other casinos there are Crypto (Bitcoin, USDT, Litecoin, Ethereum) and FIAT (VISA / MasterCard with USD, EUR, BRL, CAD, AUD) methods.



1500 €/$



How To Play Aqua Rings?

Just like in portable Aqua Rings game, this Upgaming’s minigame has 4 poles. Each pole has an unique multiplayer, which means, by putting the ring into the pole, you get your bet amount multiplied by designated pole multiplayer amount. The multiplayer varies between 1.5x to 20x. By clicking bet, you randomly shoot 1-5 rings in the water. Animated with water bubble effects, the ring is thrown to the upper part of the screen and it begins to slowly fall down to a pole. If the ring misses every pole, you lose your bet, if the ring hits the pole, you get win designated multiplayer.

Game Risk in AquaRings

You can change the Game Risk modes in Aquarings just like in Plinko game. There are 3 risk levels: Low; Medium; High!

Playing on Low risk, the multiplayers of the poles will be in the lower range of 1.5x – 4x but each bet will have more chance of hitting the multiplayer.

Medium Risk selection has a multiplayer range of 2x – 8x and the chances of missing are more than that of low, but less than the high!

Playing on High Risk you may find it difficult to get any multiplayer, but once you hit them, it’s beneficial! The lowest multiplayer on the high risk round is 4x while the highest one has 20x multiplayer!

Note: Changing the risk level nullifies your bonus round progress!

Bonus Round in Aquarings

aquarings bonus

The maximum rings that each pole can contain is 5. If you manage to fill any pole with 5 rings, you will get 1 extra ring on a bonus progress bar which is placed in the bottom of the screen. By earning 10 bonus rings poles, you enter the bonus round! All 10 Bonus rings will have a designated multiplayer and the bet amount of each one will be the arithmetic mean of the total bets before entering the bonus round.

The bonus rings will fall down to golden poles and you will get a total bonus win message. Winnings will automatically adq to your account balance. The game data is saved in your account, which means that you don’t have to start the process over again if you run out of your funds. You can even continue progressing the bonus pole the next day!

Strategies to win on Aqua Rings – How To Win?

Although the game is new, there are some strategies to win the game! One of the most beneficial one is to select the number of rings to 5 as it gives you more chances of entering the bonus round more quickly! The bonus round pays high so it’s better to rush towards it!

What are casino MiniGames?

Casino games differ in style, but they share the type – all of them are games of chance. Minigames differ from  PvP, Live Dealer and slot games. The main difference is that each game round lasts for just a second. By clicking “bet” button, a game action happens instantly and player has a final result about his / her game round. In difference from Slot games, some Minigames like Chicken, Icefield and others require user decision. User makes a choice about when to cash out, which tile to open, what dimensions should the game round have, what risk level should multiplayers represent, etc. The decision making process makes minigames user-friendly, attractive and fun.  

They have higher RTP than slot games. RTP is an acronym for “Return To Player”. Each casino minigame or slot game has a designated RTP percentage. It may be hidden or revealed for player. You can see upGaming Minigames RTP in the game’s about window – There’s nothing to hide when the RTP is the highest in the market!

The Return To Player Percentage indicates what percent of the total bet amount should return to players. The profit of the casino is calculated with the formula: Total Bets – RTP percentage. It means that only 4% of the total bet is on the house edge. The rest 94% is distributed and shared to players.

Similar Minigames

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1500 €/$




What is the AquaRings game, and how is it related to a childhood game?

AquaRings is a casino minigame developed by Upgaming, inspired by the portable AquaRings game from our childhood where you push a button to shoot a ring through the water in an attempt to loop it onto a stick. In the casino version, real money is bet in hopes that the ring will hit a pole, which results in a payout based on a multiplier.

Where can I play AquaRings?

Currently, AquaRings is available exclusively on MyStake Casino. You will need to create an account, make a deposit, and navigate to the Minigames section to start playing.

How does the betting and winning work in AquaRings?

You bet a certain amount of money predicting that a thrown ring will hit a pole. Each pole has a unique multiplier. If the ring hits a pole, your bet is multiplied by the pole’s multiplier. The multipliers can range between 1.5x to 20x, depending on the pole and risk level you choose.

Can you explain the different risk levels in AquaRings?

Yes, AquaRings offers three risk levels:
Low Risk: Multipliers are between 1.5x and 4x with a higher chance to hit.
Medium Risk: Multipliers range from 2x to 8x with a moderate hit chance.
High Risk: Multipliers span from 4x to 20x but hitting them is quite challenging.
Changing the risk level will nullify any progress toward the bonus round.

What is the Bonus Round and how do I achieve it?

If you manage to fill a pole with 5 rings, you earn 1 bonus ring towards a bonus progress bar. Once you accumulate 10 bonus rings, you enter the Bonus Round, where each bonus ring will have a designated multiplier and offer substantial rewards based on your prior betting.

Is there a strategy for winning in AquaRings?

While the outcome in AquaRings is primarily luck-based, one suggested strategy is selecting the number of rings to 5, as it gives more chances to hit poles and enter the bonus round quickly since the bonus round pays high.

What is the Return To Player (RTP) in AquaRings?

AquaRings boasts an impressive RTP of 99%, meaning 99% of all bets are returned to players over time, and the casino holds a 1% house edge.

How do minigames like AquaRings differ from other casino games?

asino minigames are games of chance like other casino offerings but differ in style and duration. Rounds in minigames are typically shorter, and in some cases, like AquaRings, they also involve player decision-making, such as when to cash out or what risk level to select. They often also have a higher RTP compared to slot games.

Are there similar games to AquaRings available?

Yes, if you enjoyed AquaRings, you might also be interested in other minigames like Chicken, Dino, Plinko, Dice, and Icefield, which may offer different play styles but similar quick-play and betting mechanics.

How do I deposit real money to play AquaRings?

To participate in real-money betting minigames like AquaRings, you’ll first need to make a deposit using one of the available methods on MyStake, which include Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, USDT, Litecoin, Ethereum) and FIAT (VISA / MasterCard with USD, EUR, BRL, CAD, AUD) methods.