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Nomad is a slot developed by game developer company UpGaming. If the previous slots included the thematic of Aztecs (James Frost), Cowboys (Lazy Sheriff) and King Arthur, the upGaming’s next stop is Viking civilization. The slot name “Nomad” comes from the lifestyle of Vikings. The main character of the slot, which is also the top symbol in the game, is a cute little nomad equipped with a sharp sword.

The game interface is decorated with the most famous symbols from the Viking culture including: Kayak, Valhalla gate, Hammer, Axe, Horn, etc.

How To Play Nomad

Like other upGaming slots, Nomad is available with 5×3 dimensions and has almost identical paylines. For detailed information about the symbol multiplayers, read the table.

Symbol1x on a line2x on a line3x on a line4x on a line5x on a line
10N / AN / AX1  
JN / AN / AX1  
QN / AN / AX1  
KN / AN / AX1  
AN / AN / AX1  
HornN / A    
KayakN / A    
HammerN / A    
GateN / A    
Golden BonusN / A    

Scatters and Bonus Buy

The Golden Triangle with a shape of a raven represents the bonus symbol in this slot. It also has a Viking Calligraphy writing of the word BONUS with golden letters. 3 or more bonus symbols trigger 10 free bonus spins which gives you an additional, increased chances to win. The Odin is the top and the highest paying symbol in the slot, The full screen of Odin pays 250,000 EUR in a single round.

Each player has an option purchase a bonus instead of waiting for it to pop up in a regular spin. A bonus purchase starts with 70 EUR and can be up to 1,500 EUR. After a bonus buy, 10 bonus spins are automatically triggered and the bonus buy amount is considered as a bet amount.

The game is offered with a high RTP of 96% and a low volatility!

Where to play Nomad

Nomad is available on various online casino platforms like: MyStake, JackBit, GoldenBet, Fresh-Bet. You can read reviews about each of these websites before playing!

Nomad Free Spins and Bonuses

Different casinos offering this slot also have welcome bonuses for casino. Starting from 100% welcome bonuses, MyStake even offers 170% bonus if you deposit with crypto.

Good news! As a reader of this article, you have a possibility to enjoy 10 Free Spins and bonuses on Nomad with a special promo code which you can get on our promotions page!

Lucky-minigames Team’s Personal Experience on Nomad

After playing a game for several days on MyStake, we have found that the game graphics are fantastic, the sounds are great, and the 5×3 dimension is our favorite as it’s easy to know where to expect your favorite symbols. The low volatility has encouraged us to play as each win is huge, and the RTP is favorable.

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