James Frost & Lost City

James Frost & Lost City

James Frost & Lost City slot is the first piece of upGaming’s sequel of James Frost adventure series.

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  • Great Graphics
  • Max Bet is only 1,000 EUR

James Frost & Lost City slot review

James Frost & Lost City slot is the first piece of upGaming’s sequel of James Frost adventure series. The game is exclusively available on MyStake while integration with other casino brands is still on the way! After the popular and successful project of Mini games, UpGaming has stepped into the slot world and released its first ever slot game. In this part of the sequel, James Frost, which is a fictional character invented by UpGaming, is searching for a treasure in El Dorado. It’s not a surprise that the game is decorated in the thematic of El Dorado, the interface of the game stands out as there are pieces of shiny golden pyramids, jewelry, and most importantly – golden sculptures of Aztec goddess. 

Join James Frost in his Treasure Hunt

Ever dreamt of treasure hunting? Enjoyed Indiana Jones movies as a kid? The James Frost & Lost City slot is all about that! As a player, you enjoy the wilderness of the Aztec civilization and also helping James Frost in finding an El Dorado treasure. Finding a treasure is making you rich as well, as the slot is offered with the max win multiplayer of 2,500x! Do not hesitate to join James Frost in his treasure hunt as you both can become wealthy.


1500 €/$


How To Play James Frost & Lost City

James Frost and the Lost City slot is available with the easiest, 5×3 dimension grid. You can adjust the paylines in order to find the most suitable paytable for your budget. The slot provides 0.2 EUR as the least and 1,000 EUR as the maximum bet, therefore it’s acceptable for any budget player. View the table for the further explanation of each paying symbol:

Symbol1x on a line2x on a line3x on a line4x on a line5x on a line
10N / AN / AX1  
JN / AN / AX1  
QN / AN / AX1  
KN / AN / AX1  
AN / AN / AX1  
Diamond RockN / A    
Golden Coin of WN / A    
Golden Scroll MapN / A    
Goddess TigerN / A    
Goddess DaisyN / A    

Golden Scroll Map represents a scatter in this slot. 3 or more scatter symbols trigger 10 free bonus spins with a random wild symbol. At the same time, book is a Wild symbol. Scatter wins are multiplied by total bet amount and are added to paylines. The daisy goddess is the top symbol with the highest assigned multiplayer.

The game is offered with a RTP of 96% and the volatility level is low.

Scatter Free Spins and Bonus Buy

3 scatter symbols trigger free spins. The golden scroll is expanded and the random wild symbol is chosen. For example, if you get a top symbol (Daisy Goddess) as a wild symbol, and then as a free spin round, get this symbol on all 15 places, so called “full screen”, you are going to get the maximum possible win of 250,000 coins! If you’re too lazy to wait for catching 3 scatters, you can immediately buy a purchase bonus in-game, which will automatically give you 3 scatters and trigger 10 free spins!


1500 €/$


Lucky-Minigames team’s personal Experience about the James Frost Adventure Series

After testing the game with a balance of 1,000 EUR, we have found the game charming, easy to understand paylines, marvelous motion design and high paying wild symbols have led us to enjoy the game. Having played on other slots, the game is more likely an analog of Pragmatic’s Book of Dead, which is one of the most famous slots worldwide. The difference is the RTP which is higher if you play the game on MyStake Casino.

Where To Play James Frost & Lost City

Since the game is still new, it’s available only on few websites currently. You can play this upGaming’s slot exclusively on MyStake and later on the casinos listed in our Casino Review Page!

Bonuses and Free Spins

You can get a welcome bonus to play this slot on different online casino brands. Also, Lucky-minigames team has special offers for you! Visit our bonus page for more detailed information about available no deposit free spins with promo code and deposit bonuses on James Frost & Lost City slot!

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What is the theme of the James Frost & Lost City slot game?

The James Frost & Lost City slot game, developed by upGaming, immerses players in a treasure hunt in the mythical El Dorado with the fictional character, James Frost. The game’s aesthetics are inspired by Aztec civilization, featuring golden pyramids, jewelry, and Aztec goddess sculptures.

What makes the James Frost & Lost City slot distinctive?

The game is the first installment in upGaming’s James Frost adventure series and is noted for its thematic El Dorado decoration, a maximum win multiplier of 2,500x, and an interactive treasure hunt narrative that engages players in both the story and potential profitability.

How can I play James Frost & Lost City?

The slot operates on a 5×3 grid and allows players to adjust paylines to find a suitable paytable for their budget. With minimum and maximum bets set at 0.2 EUR and 1,000 EUR respectively, the game accommodates various budget sizes.

What symbols and features are available in this slot?

The game includes symbols like the Diamond Rock, Golden Coin of W, and Golden Scroll Map. The latter acts as a scatter symbol, and when three or more appear, they trigger 10 free bonus spins with a random wild symbol. Additionally, the game features a Wild symbol and a top symbol (Daisy Goddess) with the highest assigned multiplier.

How do Scatter Free Spins and Bonus Buys work?

Triggering 3 scatter symbols activates free spins, with the golden scroll expanding and a random wild symbol being selected. Players can achieve a maximum possible win of 250,000 coins if they attain the top symbol on all 15 places during a free spin round. Alternatively, players can opt to purchase a bonus in-game for immediate access to 3 scatters and 10 free spins.

What is the Return to Player (RTP) percentage for James Frost & Lost City?

The game offers an RTP of 96% and is characterized by low volatility, providing a relatively high potential return to players over a period of play.

Where can I play James Frost & Lost City?

Currently, the slot game is exclusively available on MyStake, with integration into other casino platforms forthcoming. For future availability on other platforms, you can check our Casino Review Page.

Are there any bonuses available for this slot?

Yes, players can avail of a welcome bonus for this slot on different online casino brands. Additionally, exclusive offers are available from the Lucky-minigames team. More details, including information about no deposit free spins with promo codes and deposit bonuses, can be found on our bonus page.

How does James Frost & Lost City compare to other slot games?

The Lucky-Minigames team found the game to be charming and user-friendly, with intuitive paylines, excellent motion design, and high-paying wild symbols. It shares similarities with Pragmatic’s Book of Dead but offers a higher RTP when played on MyStake Casino.

Can you recommend similar slot games for adventure lovers?

Absolutely! If you have an affinity for adventure slot games, consider exploring titles like Nomad, King Arthur, Book of MyStake, and Lazy Sheriff, which are available on various online casinos.

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