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Aero Game is a new MyStake Crash Game with the highest RTP in the history. Enjoy playing with highest bonus!

Mystake Roulette mini-game is an latest addition to Mystake online casino developed by Upgaming team

Frog is a mingame created by UpGaming and available on many online caisino platforms.

Mystake Casino has released a new game named Limbo. It has a 99% RTP and is one of the most profitable games available online.

Armada is the newest MyStake Mini Game which is different from every other game that we've seen. Take part in war and destroy enemy ships!

upGaming Aqua Rings is a casino minigame which is based on the portable aqua ring device. Game is offered by MyStake and other casino brands.

Chicken is a mingame created by upGaming and available on many online caisino platforms.



Dino is a Crash Game developed by a game provider UpGaming. The game is popular on MyStake and other casino brands.



Teleport is a mini-game available at MyStake and other online casino brands. The old professor is the main character in this mini-game.

This is a mini-game that takes place in a classroom.

Plinko is a casino minigame developed by upGaming and exclusively available on MyStake, JackBit and other casino brands.

New online minigames
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Teleport Game
Our team always try to deliver their readers the newest information so at present we want to introduce the newest and the most joyful game – The Teleport game which stands out its nice illustrations and very positive environment. So by playing it you get great pleasure. The Teleport game has a convenient two-game mode for its players – by switching it you can choose the field appearance through which you change the possible winnings odds at the same time. Also, there is available to change filed amount where you have five choices In the first mode and two options in the second mode. So experience it by yourself and suit the teleport game to your taste!