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Mission Uncrossable, a thrilling game inspired by the classic "chicken cross road" concept. Players embark on a virtual journey, navigating through lanes with potential collisions.

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With an Autoplay feature for automated gameplay, competitive RTP, and a user-friendly interface, Skyward promises an immersive gaming adventure.

Lucky Clover brings instant win excitement with its dynamic 3x3 grid, offering a mix of strategy and chance. Explore flexible betting options, strategic decision-making, and the enticing jackpot feature.

Explore strategic gameplay, flexible betting, and a competitive 94% RTP. Experience convenience with Autoplay and transparency through interrupted game management.

Thimbles was introduced in 2020. In order to earn 2.88 times your investment, uncover valuable stones beneath thimbles. Take a look at for exciting games and adjustable bets.

Once your choices are made, embark on the adventure by clicking on the doors, revealing the mysteries that lie behind them.

FootballX brings a fresh perspective to the gaming scene. Immerse yourself in the sport-themed adventure and aim for a maximum win.

8Bitman is a newly launched LAMBDA Gaming product that already has a massive fanbase. To learn more, read our review.

New online minigames
Minigames and crash games are very simple and entertaining games through which you have an opportunity to get pleasure and at the same time earn money without much effort. If you are new to this sphere, the Lucky-minigames website is for you! You can see detailed reviews and appraisals about the minigames and start your adventure from here.
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Teleport Game
Our team always try to deliver their readers the newest information so at present we want to introduce the newest and the most joyful game – The Teleport game which stands out its nice illustrations and very positive environment. So by playing it you get great pleasure. The Teleport game has a convenient two-game mode for its players – by switching it you can choose the field appearance through which you change the possible winnings odds at the same time. Also, there is available to change filed amount where you have five choices In the first mode and two options in the second mode. So experience it by yourself and suit the teleport game to your taste!