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HiLo Game

HiLo is a simple card minigame developed by upGaming and available on MyStake and other online casino brands.

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HiLo game is a very simple game which is available on MyStake and other casino brands. If you like playing cards this game is suitable for you! Hilo is one of such mini-games developed by Upgaming. It’s easy to play and get fun for people who like taking risks. Get a super exciting experience with chances of all or nothing!

How to play the HiLo game

The rules of the game are simple as players are provided with the first card where you can see one card face up (it contains a standard deck of 52 cards). After the card is shown, you should predict whether the following card will be higher or lower. Guess right and you win! In this game, the ace is the lowest card and the king is the highest one. You have two options to bet – 1) the following card will be the same or higher than the previous one shown on the screen; 2) The Upcoming card will be the same or lower than the one shown beforehand.

hilo game


1500 €/$



Min bet: 0.20                              Max Bet: 1000.00                          Max Profit: 10000.00

What is the RTP of HiLo?

This game offers players RTP coefficient of 98%

What are HiLo game Odds and Payouts?

The game does not have stable payouts it depends on the base card. The payout for correctly predicting whether the next card will be higher or lower could differ from each game round. This is due to the odds changing depending on the main card’s value. If the probability is a higher payout will be low. For example, if the shown card is a 5 there is a high potential that the next card will be higher. You can follow that system and according to this make favorable bets.  

Where to play the HiLo with bonus?

I have experienced a mini-game welcome bonus at Mystake.com which is suitable for every budget as the minimum deposit amount for getting this bonus is 20 EUR/USD.  Also, as a lucky-minigames loyal reader, you can get a promo code to play HiLo with Free Bet.

For more details, you can visit our bonus page!

What is the best strategy and tricks for playing HiLo?

The most frequently used strategy on HiLo is to skip the card if the probability of guessing the next card is above the range of 30%. For Example, if you get 9 as a base card, there are equal chances of Higher and Lower cards, so it’s better not to take a risk and skip until you get, for example, number 3, because in that case the probability of higher card is above 70%.

Our experience with the HiLo game

The HiLo game is experienced by our team and according to our consequences, it is a very simple and enjoyable game that is dependent on your intuition and gives you an opportunity to reach a big win in some try. HiLo game suits any budget as you can play with as low coefficient as with a higher one too.


What is the HiLo mini-game?

HiLo, developed by Upgaming, is a straightforward card prediction game available on MyStake and other casino platforms. It’s designed for those who enjoy taking risks, offering a thrilling “all or nothing” gaming experience.

How do you play the HiLo game?

In HiLo, players are shown a card and must predict whether the next card will be higher or lower in value. You can bet that the upcoming card will be the same or higher, or the same or lower than the one displayed. With an ace as the lowest and a king as the highest card, guess correctly and you win!

What are the betting limits and potential profits in HiLo?

Players can place bets ranging from a minimum of 0.20 to a maximum of 1000.00, with a potential max profit of 10000.00.

What is the Return to Player (RTP) of the HiLo game?

HiLo offers an RTP coefficient of 98%, indicating a fairly high potential return to players over an extended play period.

How do payouts and odds work in HiLo?

Payouts and odds in HiLo are not fixed and depend on the base card. For instance, if a 5 is shown, there’s a high probability the next card will be higher, impacting the payout and odds. Understanding and utilizing these variable odds can guide players in making profitable bets.

Where can I play HiLo with a bonus?

MyStake.com offers a welcome bonus suitable for various budgets, with a minimum deposit of 20 EUR/USD required to obtain the bonus. By visiting our bonus page and utilizing a promo code available to lucky-minigames readers, you can also play HiLo with a Free Bet.

Are there any effective strategies for playing HiLo?

A common strategy is to skip a card if the probability of accurately predicting the next card is above 30%. For instance, if a 9 is the base card, given equal chances of the next card being Higher or Lower, it might be wise to skip and wait for a card like a 3, which has over a 70% probability of being followed by a higher card.

Can HiLo be played with various budgets?

Absolutely! HiLo accommodates all budget types, allowing you to play with both low and high coefficients according to your preference and financial comfort.

Is the HiLo game suitable for beginners?

Yes, HiLo is recognized for its simplicity and reliance on player intuition, making it accessible and enjoyable for beginners and experienced players alike.

How does the HiLo game provide opportunities for big wins?

Despite its simplicity, HiLo allows for substantial wins in just a few tries, providing an exhilarating gaming experience for those willing to trust their intuition and embrace the risk.

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