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Dice Game

Dice is a mini game developed by upGaming and available on MyStake, Jackbit, Goldenbet, Fresh-bet and other online casinos.

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About Dice Game

Dice is a mini game developed by upGaming and available on various online casino platforms like MyStake, JackBit, Fresh-bet, Goldenbet and others. The game is also available on other casinos and other game developers with the same logic, but the difference is the RTP coefficient. The Dice game by upGaming has an RTP of 99% and is one of the most profitable games you can find online.

How To Play Dice

Dice is among the games which are so easy to play it requires no further explanations. There is a line where you should set any number from 0 to 100. Each Bet means that a dice will roll and write a number from 0 to 100, and you should guess if this number will be over or under your chosen number. The lower your choice is, “roll under” coefficient is higher and can be up to 49.5x. The Higher your choice is, the “roll over” coefficient is higher. If you the slider button to the middle, both “roll over” and “roll under” coefficients will equal to 1.98 as there are exactly equal chances of both outcomes. If the dice rolls at your choice, it’s a draw and you will get back your bet amount.

dice game


1500 €/$


Winning Strategies and Techniques in Dice Game

Dice is one of the most favorite game for players that enjoy mathematical advantage play. The coefficients and probability percentage are so clear that one can easily calculate the probability of his victory. The adjustable slider helps choose the most profitable game mode.

Among the most famous strategies in Gambling in general, the most famous one is the Martingale Strategy. The short description of this strategy is that you should double your bet after a losing bet and start over again after a winning one. This strategy works like a clockwork on the Dice game and it’s not restricted by the website administration. Many have enjoyed withdrawing profit by playing Martingale. But martingale is 100% profitable when the doubling is unlimited. As the max bet is set to 1,000 EUR on MyStake, it means that you can’t double your 1 EUR bet more than 10 times, therefore if your preferred number doesn’t land in 10 trials, you are going to lose a solid amount of money. But it’s unlikely that 10 trials won’t bring you luck! It’s up to you!

Read more about our strategies on different games including a detailed Dice Martingale explanation by visiting our Strategies page.

Where can I play Dice with bonus?

Dice can be played on MyStake, JackBit, GoldenBet, Fresh-bet and other online casino brands. You can enjoy their welcome bonuses and also you can use free bets, free spins and much more offered specially by Lucky-mingames team for its loyal readers!

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1500 €/$



What is the Dice mini-game?

Dice, developed by upGaming, is an online gambling game available on various online casino platforms. It involves guessing whether a rolled dice will display a number over or under the player’s chosen number, from a range of 0 to 100. With an RTP of 99%, it is touted as one of the most profitable online games.

How do I play Dice?

Simply select a number between 0 and 100, then bet whether the rolled dice will show a number over or under your chosen figure. The coefficients for “roll under” and “roll over” vary, depending on your chosen number. If the dice matches your chosen number, the bet amount is returned to you.

Can you briefly explain the coefficients in the Dice game?

Sure, the “roll under” coefficient is higher when you select a lower number and can be up to 49.5x. Conversely, selecting a higher number increases the “roll over” coefficient. If you position the slider button in the middle, both coefficients will be equal at 1.98 due to equal chances of both outcomes.

What strategies can be utilized while playing Dice?

A popular strategy in gambling, and particularly in Dice, is the Martingale Strategy. This strategy suggests doubling your bet after a loss and resetting your bet after a win. While many have found success with this method, it’s worth noting that consistent profits are not guaranteed and responsible gambling should be practiced.

Is the Martingale Strategy foolproof?

Not entirely. Though it is a popular strategy, the Martingale Strategy does have limitations, such as a set max bet (e.g., 1,000 EUR on MyStake). It is not always 100% profitable, especially considering that doubling is not unlimited. Users need to be mindful of their financial limits and gamble responsibly.

On which platforms can I play Dice?

Dice can be played on numerous online casino platforms, including MyStake, JackBit, GoldenBet, and Fresh-bet, among others.

Are there any bonuses available for playing Dice?

Yes, various platforms offer welcome bonuses for playing Dice. Additionally, there are opportunities to use free bets and spins offered by the Lucky-minigames team to their loyal readers. You can check their promotions for special offers and codes.

How does the RTP affect my gameplay in Dice?

With a high RTP of 99%, Dice by upGaming is regarded as one of the most profitable online games. RTP, or Return to Player, indicates the potential profitability of a game over time, with higher percentages suggesting that players may gain more over a longer period. However, keep in mind that gambling always involves risk.

Can I implement strategies from other gambling games to Dice?

While some gambling strategies can be applied to various games, it’s essential to understand the unique mechanics and odds of Dice before employing specific strategies. Understanding the game’s specific coefficients, probabilities, and betting options is key to developing a successful approach.

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