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Wheel Game

Wheel is a casino minigame created by upGaming and available on various online casino brands like MyStake, Jackbit and others.

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The wheel game is a well-known one in the world. Its simplicity attracts many players. This game was called “spin the wheel” and comes from America. The game show has been premiered on Fox. Dax Shepard, an American comedian was the first person who hosted this show. In this article, we talk about the wheel game offered by upGaming and available on MyStake and other casino brands.    

How to play the wheel game

The rules are very simple. The colourful wheel is in front of you. Everything is up to you how you design it. For instance, you can divide the wheel into segments from 10 to 50 and select the risk level of the game.

You can choose between the three types of risks – Low, Medium, or High. If the risk is low, you have a higher chance of winning, but if you win on medium or high risks, the amount of the win can be more significant.

The minimum coefficient of the win is 1.20x, while the maximum is equal to 49.50x.

The coefficients in between are defined by the risk level and the number of segments you choose.


1500 €/$


What is the RTP of the Wheel?

RTP (Return to Player) offered on the Wheel game is: 99%

Strategies to win more often while playing the wheel game

The wheel game is based on fortune and because it doesn’t have many strategies but in this game, we can use the Martingale Strategy which is based on a theory of increasing the number of your investments, even if their value is falling. For example, I share with you my experience: I bet 1 EUR with medium risk and when I lost my bet I tried to bet 2 EUR, and I had won – the winning colour was yellow with a 2.0x coefficient so my winnings were more than the previous loss. You can view other strategies and tricks to win on Minigames by visiting our strategies page

For the risky players

The player who likes to take a risk and instead of they get a great win I advise them to play with a high-risk level with 50 segments which is too profitable. It is true that the chance is low but if you take a risk maybe you are lucky and your bet multiplies by 49.50x. I share my experience with you – according to I am a very risky person I have tried this way and after some trials, I won!

You can see my result below

wheel game

Final review of the Wheel game

Based on our team experience the wheel game is a very entertaining and easy to play. You only need a little luck and you will definitely win! With colourful graphics and easy techniques, you get pleasure while you are playing. If you think that you have a little luck you should try your fortune in that game.


What is the ‘Wheel’ mini-game?

The ‘Wheel’ is a simplified, online version of the traditional “spin the wheel” game, famously known from American game shows, and now offered by upGaming. It is available on MyStake Casino and other platforms, providing a colorful and exciting gaming experience where players can adjust risk levels and potential winnings.

How do I play the wheel game?

Players design the wheel by dividing it into segments (e.g., 10 to 50) and selecting a risk level: Low, Medium, or High. The risk level impacts both your winning chances and the potential amount won. Simply place your bet, spin the wheel, and hope it lands on a favorable segment.

What are the different risk levels, and how do they affect the game?

The risk levels are categorized as Low, Medium, and High. A low risk means higher chances of winning but with a smaller payout. Conversely, medium and high risks provide fewer chances of winning but promise larger payouts when you do win.

How are the winning coefficients determined?

The minimum winning coefficient is 1.20x, and the maximum is 49.50x. The coefficients in between are influenced by the chosen risk level and the number of segments into which the wheel is divided.

What is the RTP for the wheel game?

The Wheel game boasts an impressive RTP (Return to Player) of 99%, reflecting the percentage of all wagered money that may be paid back to players over time.

Are there any strategies to increase winning chances in the wheel game?

While the wheel game primarily relies on luck, players often utilize strategies like the Martingale Strategy, which involves incrementally increasing your bets even after losses, to potentially recover lost amounts through future wins.

What advice is there for players who enjoy high-risk betting?

High-risk players might opt for a high-risk level with 50 segments, providing a potential winning coefficient of 49.50x. Although the chances of winning are lower, the reward can be substantial if luck is on your side.

Can I access the wheel game on MyStake Casino?

Yes, the wheel game is available on MyStake Casino, which also offers a WELCOME CASINO BONUS of UP TO 1500 €/$ for enhancing your gaming experience.

Is the wheel game suitable for casual players?

Absolutely! The wheel game is renowned for its simplicity and colorful graphics, making it a fun and straightforward entertainment option for players, whether they are seasoned gamers or new entrants.

Where else can I find strategies and tips for mini-games?

For more strategies, tips, and insights into enhancing your gaming experience and potentially increasing your winnings on mini-games, you can explore the strategies page mentioned in the review article.

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