SpeedX – Upgaming

SpeedX – Upgaming

SpeedX by Upgaming: featuring a rider navigating city streets, avoiding or kicking boxes, with random bonus multipliers up to 1000x.

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  • Gorgeous Design
  • Unique Gameplay Mechanics
  • Player Has More Control Over the Game
  • High RTP of 99%
  • Demo version is not available

The SpeedX is the latest, engaging crash game developed by Upgaming. In this game, you are a rider driving your bike in the city at night. The road is yours since no one except you roams the streets. But you’ll notice the blue boxes coming from the opposite direction.

These boxes contain random bonus multipliers. Your aim is to kick those boxes to open them and see what is inside. If you avoid crashing the box, nothing will happen, and the game will continue as it was.

General Info

Game TypeCrash Game
Release DateApril 2024
Minimum Bet 1 USD
Maximum Bet100 USD
Max. Win1000x
Multiplayer LobbyYes

User Interface and Design 

Everything in SpeedX, from the user interface to the design, oozes adrenaline. The visual interface of the game is very attractive, with its neon colors just flooding the city from the first seconds. 

Empty city streets at night provide a really cool ambiance in which to take part in high-speed action. The interface is done in rich colors and animated with beautiful graphics. Everything is oriented so that users can find any necessary navigational elements or game options very easilyᅳeven beginners who do not know many things about the structure of websites can interact with the presented one.

At the same time, uncomplicated and clearly visible key information is given. Players are going to be tracking their progress, bets, and awards, as well as when playing in the multiplayer lobby in real-time, players can track other players progress, bets, and awards as well.

SpeedX Gameplay 

The high-stakes action is straightforward and exhilarating: a player rides his bike through empty city streets, collecting blue boxes that promises a new multiplying factor, and you kick these boxes to find out what’s in them and multiply the player’s bet. 

However, the player should evade hitting the box with a 0.00x multiplier, hence losing the bet. This feature increases the tension and makes the game more fun.

On the other hand, in contrast to other Crash games, players have the ability to actively control the gameplay. In SpeedX, the player decides whether or not to break the box that they come across in order to prevent losing their match.

According to the gameplay of the game, you can change lanes on the way by tapping the “Change Side” button with just one finger. This allows you to avoid breaking the box in which you believe the 0.0x Multiplier is located.

However, it is important to note that when playing the game, you will never be able to determine with absolute certainty which box will be profitable and which will be 0.0x multiplier.

As a result, the gameplay mechanism that is integrated in the game is offered not as a guarantee to win but rather as a means of enhancing the user experience and enhancing the level of involvement. Upgaming deserves praise for incorporating this gameplay aspect into their game. 

How to bet on SpeedX Crash Game? 

Follow these simple steps to experience SpeedX’s adrenaline rush: 

  1. Start the Game: Open SpeedX and enter into its neon-lit city. Stunning landscape and fast action. 
  2. Navigate Your Rider: Guide your rider through the empty streets using simple controls. This experience relies on nothing else but tapping or clicking a button.
  3. Find blue boxes on the city streets that come forward, carrying random extra multipliers that can better your returns. 
  4. Open the blue boxes to reveal: Will you find a win multiplier inside, or be a loser, having to take away a zero-sum for losing the bet? 
  5. Do Not Crash: It’s thrilling, alright, but risky. Don’t crash while kicking open boxes, and particularly those with 0.00X multipliers. Be careful on city streets because any mistimed kick costs you your bet. 
  6. Adjust Your Bets: Customize your gaming by changing your bets. SpeedX allows you to bet either in a dare or conservative way. 
  7. Feel the Rush: SpeedX thrills players with its simple concepts, rapid action, and competitive multiplayer mode. 

RTP and Winning Percentage of SpeedX

SpeedX is a high-speed gameplay excitement that gives favorable conditions for you to win. In SpeedX, the player is sure of walking home with 99% of Return to Player (RTP), where the player will always receive most of his stakes back over time. A big RTP rate means the fairness and transparent nature of the game, giving all its players clear confidence to play. 

Again, benefiting from the game-winning percentage, the player can navigate to city streets and win multipliers, playing strategically for a win in the game. “SpeedX” catches the sight of the players, the ones who want to feel more excitement and profit from the game by offering very high RTP % and interesting feature play. 

Verdict – SpeedX is a Fun Crash Game With Unique Game Mechanics 5/5

In summary, SpeedX is an exciting form of casino game. Taking into account its risks and rewards, stripped of all other features and easily guided, players dart across empty city streets looking to chase multipliers.

While 99% of the game’s Return to Player (RTP) is fairly transparent, it gives long-term trust in investment. The speedX comes as a top favorite for casino players who are after great excitement and returns because of its bright graphics, straightforward controls, and smart gameplay.

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