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Minigames are new part of the online gambling world. They’re very simple to grasp and fun to play.
Best Minigames:

1. Chicken Game – Even if you don’t know much about minigames, it’s likely that you have heard of chicken. The Chicken Game is well-liked on a worldwide platform. Its widespread appeal is due to how simple it is to play. When you initially start the game, you’ll see a grid of 25 metal dome-covered plates arranged in a 5×5 pattern. You must first decide on your bet amounts and the number of bones (1-24). To predict more chickens while avoiding bones is your goal. Just that.

2. Dino Game – Dino maintains one of the top spots among minigames with the Chicken Game. We may assume that The Dino Crash Game is already a associated with Mystake Casino. Dino is also quite easy to play. Before the Dino starts running, you must make a bet. After then, you must act quickly to cash out your money before Dino is hit by a meteor.

3. Aviator Game – Due to its enjoyable setting and ease of play, it is a highly well-known game in the online gambling industry. Similar to other minigames, you must first put bets. We need to choose the best moment to cash out before it’s too late. The multiplier will crash if the plane takes off quickly and takes off, then we will lose our bet.

4. Plinko – The pyramid-shaped “Pins” of the Plinko Casino mini-game are little white circles. The ball enters the maze, its path altered by the pins, and finally settles in a box of a specific color. Your reward is determined by that box. Depending on your choice, you may change the game’s risk setting to Low, Medium, or High.

5. Icefield Yeti – Some people think that the fabled monster known as the Yeti lives in the Himalayas. Maintaining the Yeti’s ability to cross the icefield is the key goal. The longer the Yeti walks, the greater your winnings will be.

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Top Games
Chicken Cross

Chicken Cross, UpGaming's latest mini game sensation! Guide a chick through a bustling highway, aiming for big wins with its impressive 99% RTP

Bust and Win

Play Bust and Win, Uncover hidden treasures while avoiding mines in this customizable game packed with excitement and rewards.

Mission Uncrossable

Mission Uncrossable, a thrilling game inspired by the classic "chicken cross road" concept. Players embark on a virtual journey, navigating through lanes with potential collisions.

Mystake XCrash

With exclusive access to XCrash on MyStake, enjoy the adrenaline rush, demo the game, and discover bonus opportunities. Read user opinions, learn about winning chances, and find out if the XCrash minigame is the right fit for you.

Mystake Adrenaline Rush

Play responsibly, explore winning strategies, and discover bonus offers. Join the adrenaline-fueled action exclusively at Mystake Casino!