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Minigames have changed the way we look at online casinos nowadays. If the choice was not high back in the days – there were only few providers of casino games which only provided Slot Games, now we have choice to play mini games which differ in gameplay, style and structure.

There are plenty of minigames presented on different online casino brands. You can choose the one you like by visiting our game reviews page!

But you might also be wondering, if there are giveaways on minigames. The short answer is Yes, there are many giveaways that casinos do to promote their mini games, and the detailed guide is in this article, so continue reading!

Giveaway from Lucky-Minigames team!

Our team is very genuine! It lets you get away with loads of free rounds on mini games just for being our loyal reader!

Read many articles that our team actively posts about different games, casinos, gambling news and strategies. Make an honest comment, share your thoughts and suggestions with us. After the end of each month, our team will randomly handpick 10 visitors who have the most comments on our articles and they will be given Free Spins, Free bets and much more gifts on their favorite Mini Games like Chicken, Icefield, Aqua Rings and more!

NFT Minigame giveaway from MyStake

Did you know? MyStake has a special NFT project which is all about cashbacks and gifts! MyStake NFT is a utility card that gives its holder ability to participate in private Leaderborad Race Tournaments, have increased withdrawal and deposit limits, use better conditions on cashbacks and free rounds.

mystake nft utilities

One of the most benefit of the NFT is Random Minigame Free Round Giveaway. Keep in mind that only 100 people are able to have one of the MyStake NFT. You can even buy multiple pieces of NFT to have higher chances to be one of those who randomly received Minigames Free Bet! Buy MyStake NFT and get Free Minigames Rounds as a utility!

Influencer Giveaways

Influencers are actively partnering with online casino brands in order to receive a special promo code or giveaway drop to entertain their viewers and to boost their activity. It’s a common way for people to actively look for new videos of Casino Influencers on TikTok, YouTube or Instagram to get a share from Giveaway prizes that they often offer their viewers

Don’t forget to play responsibly! Wish you a good luck!

Hope you enjoyed this guide. Write a comment down below if you know any other ways of being a part of mingames giveaways


Are there giveaways for minigames on online casino websites?

Yes, many online casino brands organize giveaways and promotions for minigames. These giveaways can include free spins, free bets, and other gifts to promote their mini games and engage players.

How can I participate in the Lucky-Minigames team giveaway?

To participate in the Lucky-Minigames team giveaway, read articles posted by the team and leave honest comments sharing your thoughts and suggestions. At the end of each month, the team randomly selects 10 visitors with the most comments and rewards them with free spins, free bets, and other gifts on their favorite minigames.

What is the MyStake NFT project?

The MyStake NFT project offers utility cards that provide various benefits, including participation in private Leaderboard Race Tournaments, increased withdrawal and deposit limits, better cashback conditions, and free rounds on minigames. NFT holders also have a chance to receive random minigame free round giveaways. Only 100 people can own MyStake NFT, and purchasing multiple pieces increases the chances of receiving minigame free bets.

How can I participate in influencer giveaways for minigames?

Influencers often partner with online casino brands and offer giveaways to their viewers. To participate, follow casino influencers on platforms like TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram. Keep an eye out for their videos and promo codes, as these giveaways are often shared in their content.

What is the most important thing to remember when participating in minigames giveaways?

The most crucial aspect is to play responsibly. While giveaways can be exciting, it’s essential to set limits, gamble within your means, and prioritize responsible gaming practices. Enjoy the giveaways as a form of entertainment, but always be mindful of your gambling habits.

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