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MyStake Teleport Game

Teleport is the newest upGaming Minigame currently available on MyStake. We have already enjoyed Icefield, Chicken and other minigames and it’s now time for new adventures with the crazy professor, which is the main character of Teleport Game! We will teach you how to play teleport game!

teleport game

How To Play Teleport Game?

In order to play Teleport Game, you should register on MyStake and make a real money deposit. Each game round means that you are betting a real money.

Teleport has two game modes where you can adjust the game volatility. Harder the game is, bigger the multiplier becomes. So you chose your risk level while playing it.



1500 €/$



How To Win on Teleport Game?

Although the game has just been released, we have managed to test few of the most common methods on Teleport Game. So here are some strategies that may help you win more money than playing without strategy.

Open the Teleport fields on Zig-Zag

With this strategy, you should start with the lower left piece of the table and go one step right on each new click. When you hit the right edge, you should move to the left step – by step. It’s not 100% win strategy, however it has worked of us in 7 out of 10 times.

Pyramid strategy on Teleport

According to this strategy, the gameplay is so simple. You should set the game on the most possible fields available. Then you should open only 1 piece and then cash out. Then open 2 tiles and cash out, then 3 tiles and cash out. If you crash, start over with 1 piece and so on. The risk significantly decreases while you follow this strategy.

Martingale on Teleport

Martingale strategy is the most famous strategy of all time in the gambling world. Most of the land casinos prohibit this kind of gameplay but MyStake and other online casinos do not prohibit it.

The idea of playing Martingale on Teleport is simple. You should bet 1 EUR and open tiles until you reach 2x multiplier. if you lose, you bet 2x previous bet EUR, if you win, you start over again from. This strategy works on many games and teleporter is not an exception



1500 €/$



How to play Teleport with Bonus?

Thank you for being the loyal reader of As a gift, we would like to allow you 10 free bets worth of 1 EUR on Teleport game so you can test the game for free! Visit our Free Spins page for a free promo code on teleport game!

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