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How To Win in Chicken Game?

You might be wondering – How to Win in Chicken Game? That’s the question we will try to answer accordingly to our and other people’s experience. Please keep in mind that the Chicken game is a casino game, and it can only be played for entertainment, gambling is not the form of earning money, it’s just for fun!

What is Chicken Game?

Chicken game is one of the first mini games that appeared on multiple online casino platforms. Yet, the most successful brand which made the game popular is MyStake. Chicken can be considered as the game which made mini games popular in general, because it quickly gained players all around the world. Tiktok, YouTube, Instagram and other social networks are full of videos made about strategies and experiences about the Chicken game.

How to play Chicken game?

In order to play Chicken game, you need to create an account on one of the online casino that offers chicken game on its platform. You should first make a deposit or use a promo code for a free trial to enter the game! Each game round is a real money bet, with a possible win. For more details about how to play the game, read our review about the chicken game!



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Win Strategies on Chicken- How To Win?

As mentioned above, there are plenty of strategies that have been used by Youtubers, TikTok influencers or MyStake highrollers that are available in the internet. However, we have decided to give you the detailed guide of all of those strategies as well as our own strategy!

Chicken Game: Martingale Strategy

Martingale is one of the most popular betting strategies. It works for almost every casino game, and Chicken is not an exception! The idea of this strategy is to multiply your last bet by 2 if it’s a losing round, and starting over from 1 EUR if it’s a win. In this case, each new bet of you is the sum of all previous bets, and if you manage to cash out at at least 2x, you are in profit. And it’s quite common for Chicken to allow you 2x and more multiplayer! it’s enough to pick 4 bones and open at least 3 domes and that’s it! You can try by yourself.

Make Larger Bet After The Lost One

If you select the bones above 10, you have a very low chance of win. If you open 2-3 tiles, it becomes really hard to open an additional one. The idea of this strategy is to deliberately lose 3-4 trials of low amount bets on 10 bones, and make the 5th one with a large amount. This is not 100% guarantee, but the experience of highrollers has shown that it has been working so far for them and with 100 EUR bets they managed to win more than 5,000 just in one round as the multiplayer gets higher!

Strategy: Open Only 1 Dome

Chicken allows you to cash out at any moment during playing. You can select the number of bones. It’s quite common way of playing to select only 1 bone, and open only 1 chicken done. In this case, your multiplayer will be 1.03x, but the possibility of winning is 96% (24/25) which is almost a guaranteed victory. If you play with as large bets as 100 EUR, each new game round will bring you an additional 3 EUR and the success rate is too high.

Strategy: Select 24 Bones

If you select 24 bones in a chicken game round, it means that on the whole grid, there are 24 bones and only 1 chicken. The probability of guessing where the chicken is, is too low. It’s 24/25 (96%) odds that you will lose, but the multiplayer in order of guessing is as high as 24.75x ! It means that, you have 24 trials to success. If you find a chicken in 24 trials, you will be in profit. You may even guess the correct dome in the first trial! As an additional suggestion, it’s better to always select the same tile. One of them will definitely be a successful because the position of bone always changes!

chicken game

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The chicken game has a designated RTP, which means that the probability of your victory is also depended on the Total bet / Total win ration. You can place a large bet of 500 EUR and cash it out instantly. If you do it 100 times, it means that you have increased the total bet in the system by 500×100=50,000. When the total bet significantly increases total win amount, the game will start giving away wins to balance the 99% ration of RTP. Then it’s time to make the actual bet to enjoy the winnings! Even Lucky Minigames Team has tried it and we actually won, but couldn’t risk higher to make serious profits.



1500 €/$



Chicken Game Bonus

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