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Limbo Casino Game

Mystake Casino has released a new game named Limbo. Limbo Game online is suited for players of different budgets and values. You can bet very little or try to win up to 10,000 times your amount. The UpGaming game Limbo has a 99% RTP and is one of the most profitable games available online.

Limbo is a game of chance designed specifically for you. In the simple and amusing game, you must determine your good fortune. Therefore, try your luck, take a chance, and enjoy yourself.

How To Play Limbo?

You are essentially betting on whatever number will show on the screen and hope that the number you choose will be lower. Thus, similar to party limbo, you attempt to enter before the line.

At MyStake casino, you can set your ‘Target Multiplier,’ or a similar term if you play elsewhere. This is the number you must equal or be lower than in order to win. So, your target number must fall below the number that will randomly appear on the screen. If you win, the amount mentioned in the “Profit on Win” box will be awarded to you. How much you will win with your multiplier is a matter of chance. This will be displayed in the ‘Win Chance’ box.

Now let’s say your intended multiplier is 2X. This plus any number greater than it equals a winning round. Your ‘Win Chance’ will be 49.5%; this is automatically calculated and shown by the system. The amount you can win on each stake is depending on the amount you bet.

Therefore, Limbo is a game with a very wide range of possible outcomes between bets and exceptionally high volatility. Clearly, this factor must be considered before placing a bet. Especially when considering your personal gaming budget and long-term strategy and play targets.

General Rules of Limbo

  • In this game, you must position a multiplier at a specific location and bet on the likelihood that the number that appears on the screen will be greater than the multiplier.
  • The minimum multiplier value is 1.01x and the maximum is 10,000.
  • If the selected multiplier is more than the number that will display on the screen, you win, but if it is lower, you lose your wager.
  • The smallest stake amount is 0.20 USD, while the maximum bet amount is 1,000 USD.

Limbo with bonus

Limbo is available on MyStake. You can take advantage of their welcome bonuses, as well as free bets, free spins, and much more, provided by the Lucky-mingames team exclusively for its faithful readers!

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