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The Rabbit game is the newest game which definitely reminds us of the Chicken one with its graphics and internal game structure. Do you like the Chicken game? Were you enjoying playing with the Chicken? However, the visuals on it have already started to bore you, right? Then you are going to have to face this challenge! The Rabbit game radically differs from the Chicken with its graphics – Here are depicted red bushes in which a rabbit or trap is concealed. Therefore, you should follow your instincts, as this game is built on your predictions and algorithms.

Which game has a higher RTP – Chicken or Rabbit?

As we are aware that it is preferable to play a game with a high RTP (Return to Player), it frequently influences our selection and defines our preferences.

Regarding our team’s experience, both games – Rabbit and Chicken have the same RTP (Return to Player) – 99%. So in this case, everything depends on your taste and choice of which one’s graphics and visual suits you! Appetizing chicken under the dome or a cute rabbit behind the red bush. We think it’s hard to decide. If you choose both of them you can also see our strategies established by our team and try your luck using them.

What is a game of Chicken and Rabbit?

About a year ago, the Chicken game was made available to the public, and since then, it has spread like wildfire over the globe. Specifically, the countries of LATAM and France. The chicken was so popular that its makers had to come up with a new idea to keep things interesting for gamers who were becoming tired of looking at the same illustrations over and over again — enter the Rabbit. The rules of the Rabbit game are very simple as the chicken one. It is now entirely up to you to choose which minigame you will play and how you will generate profit.

Our Team’s perspective on These Games

These games are distinguished by their simplistic visuals and high profitability. They are amusing games that provide great enjoyment when playing. The 99% RTP (Return To Player) of the Rabbit and Chicken games make them acceptable for players of all budgets. You can bet between 0.2 and 1,000 EUR / USD / BRL. If you believe you have some luck, you should give it a shot!


What is the Rabbit game, and how does it differ from the Chicken game in terms of graphics and gameplay?

The Rabbit game on MyStake Casino is a new addition that differs from the Chicken game in its graphics. Instead of a chicken, the game features a rabbit hiding behind red bushes. Players need to rely on their instincts and predictions to make successful moves. While the Chicken game was popular, the introduction of the Rabbit game offers players a fresh visual experience.

Which game, Chicken or Rabbit, has a higher Return to Player (RTP) percentage?

Both the Chicken and Rabbit games on MyStake Casino have the same RTP of 99%. The choice between the two games primarily depends on individual preferences regarding graphics and visual appeal.

Can you tell me more about the Rabbit game’s rules and gameplay?

The Rabbit game shares its simplicity with the Chicken game. Players need to predict the rabbit’s location behind the red bushes. The game relies on players’ instincts and algorithms for successful predictions. The objective is to make accurate guesses and generate profits based on the chosen betting strategies.

Are there specific strategies provided by the team for playing the Chicken and Rabbit games?

Yes, the team has established strategies for playing both the Chicken and Rabbit games on MyStake Casino. Players can explore these strategies on the provided Strategies Page to enhance their gameplay and increase their chances of winning. However, it’s important to note that no strategy guarantees 100% success, and players should play responsibly.

What are the betting limits for the Chicken and Rabbit games on MyStake Casino?

Players can place bets ranging from 0.2 to 1,000 EUR / USD / BRL on both the Chicken and Rabbit games. The games accommodate players with varying budgets, allowing them to enjoy the games regardless of their betting preferences.

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