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Affiliate programs, like Mystake affiliates, are trendy in the gambling market. Simply put, affiliate marketing means inviting gamblers to certain casinos. In return for that, you get commissions based on their deposits. Since there are a lot of people who love to play casino games and enjoy their free time while risking some money, you have the opportunity to earn commissions just by directing them to the relevant casino. 

Mystake affiliates

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money from home. So, if you are interested in gambling affiliation, read this article and get the basic knowledge about it.  

What is Mystake partnership program?

Mystake affiliates program is the chance to earn commissions while promoting the casino on social channels, websites, Youtube, or anywhere. Let’s discuss all the steps to understand how the affiliate program works.

So, Mystake is a casino with massive game options. It offers up to 6000 slots, live casino shows, sports betting, and, most importantly, minigames.

Have you ever heard of chicken, Dino, Icefield yeti, or Armada? All of these games were popularized by Mystake.

How to start affiliation on Mystake?

Go to Mystake casino, find an Affiliate program section, and apply your application. You may need to wait about 24 hours to get a notification from Mystake team on your email. In rare cases, the email may go to SPAM. So, check it out too.

Whenever you answer their questions, you will have access to your affiliate account from where you can get referral links. You should always use referral links for inviting new players. When someone registers through your affiliate link, they will be linked to your affiliate account, and therefore, you will be able to earn commissions.

If you ever face any problems or need assistance, you can contact your affiliate manager via email, Telegram, or Skype.

Commissions of Mystake affiliate program

The commission rate at Mystake is a matter of negotiation. However, everything depends on your channels, website, country, and the type of games you promote.

If you are a beginner and you don’t have a big audience, you will start with 35% revenue share, which can be increased up to 50% in accordance with your results (number of registrations and deposits).

There are a few types of commission plans at Mystake:

  • Revenue share
  • CPA
  • Hybrid deal

Let’s discuss all of them.

Revenue share

Revenue share is lifetime income. As long as you have active players, you are able to earn commissions.

Revenue share is generated by NGR (net gaming revenue). Net Gaming Revenue = bets – wins – bonuses-admin fee. Roughly speaking – net income is the difference between your players’ winnings and losses. For example, you have 35% revenue share. If net revenue is 100 EUR/USD, you will get 35 EUR/USD.

Revenue share is the best commission model when you have regular players.

CPA (cost per acquisition)

CPA is calculated according to first-time deposit of your players. Whereas revenue share can be generated anytime whenever your players make new deposits, CPA can be triggered just once during a first-time deposit. Note: there might be baseline – minimal deposit amount that activates CPA.

For example, you have 40 EUR CPA with a baseline of 20 EUR. It means you will only get 40EUR when your player makes first-time deposit of at least 20 EUR.
CPA can be different by country. There are also CPA levels. If you have high depositors, you may not want to get low commissions. So, depending on their first-time deposit amount, you will be allowed to get different commissions.

Hybrid deal

The hybrid deal is a mix of CPA and revenue share. Such kind of deal is very rare. You should be a member of Mystake affiliate program for some time to get this commission plan.

How to promote Mystake casino?

You can promote Mystake anywhere. Do you have a website writing about gambling? Do you have a social page or groups that might be interested in Mystake games? Then, definitely, you can start from there.

As far as we know, Mystake gives a chance to anyone. If you don’t have any followers, it will not be a problem. You can gain followers by promoting Mystake.

For example, you can create Tiktok pages, Instagram, YouTube and publish videos there. Then create group/channel for your subscribers on Telegram, WhatsApp, and Discord, so that your followers can share their experiences.  

Streaming funds

You can request streaming money if you don’t have the funds to play games and make videos. Of course, it won’t be withdrawable. However, you can make videos and live streams and show your audience how they should play games or make bets.

Payments of affiliate commissions

Affiliate partners of Mystake are paid monthly from the 7 to 15th of each month. They can request payment from their affiliate account on the second day of each month. As for payment methods, you can get money through bank transfer, Bitcoin, or USD tether. The affiliate program counts commissions in euro currency, and the minimum withdrawal threshold is 100 euros.

Mystake affiliate program

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