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31bet is a new casino with a license of one of the most gambling authority – Malta. The casino has quickly gained its popularity all oved the world. Here’s the short guide of how to verify your account and withdraw from the website.

Why should I verify my account?

Account verification is a necessary part of responsible gambling, especially when a casino has a Malta Gambling Authority License. You need to verify your account in order to Deposit, Withdraw and play on 31bet casino. The verification ensures that 1) Your identity is proven while playing and other people can’t claim being you 2) Casino avoids risks of duplicate accounts 3) Casino avoids underage, or self-excluded people from their casino.

So it’s essential to verify your account correctly in order to get the full joy out of this casino.

Follow us with the simple steps, we will explain everything in this article

How To Verify My Email?

Email Verifications is immediately asked during registration. You should make sure that you use correct email address while you register on the website. As soon as the registration is successful, you will see a popup asking you to verify your email address, without email verification, you will be unable to access the website. All you have to do is to visit your email, open the last message from 31 bet (Check Both Inbox and Spam folder of your email). Just click the button of “confirm Email” and that’s all, you’re taken back to the website and your mail is verified.

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How to verify my Identity on 31bet?

31bet uses Sumsub’s Auto verification tool for verifications, which means that the verification is not done with a human eye and is fully automatized. In order to verify your Identity on 31bet, you should go to your account > account verification panel. The system will ask you to send your Identity Card, Driver’s License or a Passport. You should send both sides of the document of your choice. Make sure that the picture quality is high, avoid extra light and blur. Make sure that all the information is visible and all 4 corners of the document is in the frame

The next step is to take a selfie, making a simple head movement to prove the validity of the selfie. And that’s all, your identity is verified on 31bet!

How To Verify my Address on 31bet?

Address Verification is quite easy. You don’t have to own a house in order to verify your address. You need to search for any document that has your name, address and date on it. Remember that the document should be dated within the last 90 days. Document can be Electricity bill, Bank Statement, Postal letter or anything that has the required information on it. After attaching the right document, the verification happens immediately.

That’s it, the verification is so easy on 31bet. So as you are verified on 31bet, you might want to make your first withdrawal from the website. So, continue reading for the guide

How To Withdraw Money from 31bet?

Withdrawal is quite simple on 31bet. One of the biggest advantages of 31bet casino is that it lets you withdraw straight on your credit card! Not many casinos offer that method as a withdrawal, so enjoy this feature especially on 31bet. Among other withdrawal methods are: Bank Transfer, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, Bank Transfer, Ecopayz and much more! You will find your favorite withdrawal method on 31bet. To request a withdrawal, you should simply put your withdrawal wallet or address info and just wait for the withdrawal to arrive. Here’s the detailed table of the withdrawal deadlines!

Withdrawal MethodProcessing TimeCostMinimum AmountMethod of Receipt
Online Credit / Debit Card24 HoursFree of Charge10 EURAutomatically Transferred to your Skrill / Neteller / Visa Account
Bank Transfer3-5 DaysVaries According to the Bank10 EURAutomatically Transferred to your Bank Account
Skrill24 HoursFree of Charge10 EURAutomatically Transferred to your Skrill Account
Neteller24 HoursFree of Charge10 EURAutomatically Transferred to your Neteller Account
Paysafe24 HoursFree of Charge10 EURAutomatically Transferred to your PaySafeCard Account
Moneysafe24 HoursFree of Charge10 EURAutomatically Transferred to your Moneysafe Account
Ecopayz24 HoursFree of Charge10 EURAutomatically Transferred to your Ecopayz Account

Withdrawals are that easy on 31bet. Write your experience in the comments below!


Why do I need to verify my account on 31bet Casino?

Account verification is essential for responsible gambling and ensures the security of your account. It prevents duplicate accounts, verifies your identity to avoid impersonation, and ensures compliance with age and self-exclusion regulations. Verified accounts can deposit, withdraw, and play on 31bet Casino.

How do I verify my email on 31bet?

Email verification is initiated during registration. After registering, check your email (including the spam folder) for a message from 31bet. Open the email and click the “confirm Email” button to verify your email address. Without email verification, you won’t be able to access the website.

How do I verify my identity on 31bet?

To verify your identity on 31bet, go to your account’s verification panel. Use Sumsub’s Auto verification tool, which is fully automated. Provide your Identity Card, Driver’s License, or Passport (both sides) with clear, visible information. Take a selfie with a simple head movement to validate your identity. The verification process is automatized and efficient.

How do I verify my address on 31bet?

Address verification is straightforward on 31bet. Provide any document dated within the last 90 days that displays your name, address, and date. This can be an Electricity bill, Bank Statement, Postal letter, or any valid document. Attach the document, and the verification will occur immediately.

How do I withdraw money from 31bet?

Withdrawals on 31bet are simple. The casino offers various withdrawal methods, including Online Credit/Debit Card, Bank Transfer, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafe, Moneysafe, and Ecopayz. To request a withdrawal, enter your withdrawal wallet or address information, and choose your preferred method. The processing time varies based on the method chosen, but 31bet offers convenient and secure options for withdrawals.

What are the withdrawal methods and processing times on 31bet?

Here are the withdrawal methods available on 31bet along with their processing times, costs, and minimum amounts:
Online Credit/Debit Card: 24 Hours, Free of Charge, Minimum 10 EUR
Bank Transfer: 3-5 Days, Varies According to the Bank, Minimum 10 EUR
Skrill: 24 Hours, Free of Charge, Minimum 10 EUR
Neteller: 24 Hours, Free of Charge, Minimum 10 EUR
Paysafe: 24 Hours, Free of Charge, Minimum 10 EUR
Moneysafe: 24 Hours, Free of Charge, Minimum 10 EUR
Ecopayz: 24 Hours, Free of Charge, Minimum 10 EUR
Note: Withdrawals on 31bet are processed efficiently, allowing players to access their winnings conveniently.