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Armada – The New MyStake Minigame

Armada is the newest MyStake Mini Game which is different from every other game that we’ve seen. MyStake has always amazed us with the variety of Mini casino games. Chicken, Dino and Icefield have been great success. All of these mini games have something in common – most importantly, the profitability. MyStake Minigames share the huge RTP ratio of 99% – which makes them the most profitable game in the industry. They’re all about guessing, and so is Armada, but in a different form!

You can play Armada solely on MyStake Online Casino. It can’t be found on any other casino brand. UpGaming, a mini-game developer company has developed the Armada mini-game specially for MyStake.

Armada Casino Game Review

Armada is the new MyStake Mini Game, based on the history of the expansions of well-known Spanish Armada fleet. The game logic is based on the famous PvP BattleShip Game (Sea Battle). Armada is an online betting game. It’s all about guessing the formation of the naval fleet on the pre-determined, hidden board with 10×10 dimensions. Unlike the original PvP Battleship, MyStake Armada is played against the computer.

Just like other My Stake Mini Games, Armada has a fixed RTP percentage of 99. In order to play, you must deposit a real money on MyStake casino. Participation in the game is not free. You risk your own money each time you play the game. Attempt the game on your sole risk, this article is only for the information and it does not suggest, urge or force you to play the game in any way.

Each game round is a real money bet. You can adjust your bet amount from 0.2$ to 1,000$ – so basically the game is available for players with any budget.



1500 €/$



Armada Game Rules – How To Play?

If you’ve ever played PvP Sea Battle, it must be really simple for you to understand the rules of the game. The game Board, or a map, is presented in 10×10 dimensions, marked with the numbers 1-10 and letters A to J. Totally, there are 100 boxes. There are totally 10 ships randomly positioned on the covered map. The number of the ships on the board are fixed, and can not be adjusted. different ships occupy the different amount of boxes, as their size differs. View the chart to see the exact sizes and quantities of the ships on the map:

Ship Size (Occupied Box)Count

Totally, there are 20 out of 100 boxes occupied with the different parts of the ships. You have 5 bombs. The number of the bombs decrease as you miss the correct box, but if you hit on the target, the number of bombs don’t decrease. To sum up, you have 5 lives.

After hitting the target, you can’t assume what size the ship is, unless it’s a single box ship. If you hit the smallest ship, it will immediately explode and you will get the opportunity to cash out your winnings. If you’ve hit a bigger ship, you should continue hitting horizontally or vertically to completely sink the ship (the ships formation can’t be diagonal). The cashout function is available only after sinking the whole ship. You don’t get a cashout option for taking out 1/4, 2/4 or 3/4 of the ship.

Other Game Characters

The game map does not only include ships. There are additional pieces, which can either upgrade or downgrade your chances. Let’s review all the pieces that you might see on the game map:

  • Additional 9 Bombs

If you hit on the 9x bomb piece, you will get an additional 9 bombs in your equipment. This improves your chances, because you will end up having 13 lives instead of 10.

  • Additonal 3 or 2 Bomb

If you hit this icon, you will get an extra 3 or 2 bomb as an addition. This also increases your chances as you get an extra life.

  • Skull

The skull is the most dangerous piece on the whole map. Hitting the skull icon will nullify your win amount and you will lose the game. Even if you’ve sunk multiple ships already, there’s still the risk of losing everything! You must decide, whether to cash out or continue, as the skull position is the main risk factor of the game.

Chances and Multipliers

Unlike Plinko, AquaRings or Teleport, you can’t adjust game risk modes in Armada. All of the game rounds have the same risk modes. After each game round ends, the board is uncovered and you see the position of each ship or skull.

It’s important to know what multiplier is awarded for each step. As mentioned above, you have an option to Cashout after sinking any ship. View a simplified chart to understand how multiplier works on this game

1x: Single Seater1.2x
2x: Double Sail1.6x
3x: Triple Penetration2.1x
4x: The Great Armada2.5x

The multipliers are cumulative. The max win of the game is achieved by sinking all available ships. The max win multiplier in this game is 70x. The maximum profit is 10,000$, just like other mini games.

MyStake Armada – Thoughts and Reviews

After playing the Armada game several times, we can clearly say that it’s one of the best mini games available worldwide. Unlike other minigames, the game is not fully a game of chance and your decisions and strategies have an impact on your outcome. It’s an unique opportunity. There’s no other casino game that is skill-based. The main factor that makes Armada a game of skill is that, in some occasions, you are 100% sure where the next piece of the ship is. Having 10 chances of missing, you can easily check all of the corner of the target, and assume that the remainder piece is 100% a part of the ship. This is an unique opportunity and a great way to use your logic for the win.

The mixture of the Skills and Luck make the game the most entertaining. Armada has quickly became favorite of many players worldwide. The Tiktok and Instagram influencers, Youtubers and bloggers actively publish the content of challenging themselves in this game, because it makes fantastic content. We’d definitely recommend the game among others.



1500 €/$



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