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The most essential part, while choosing the casino to play on, is its deposit and withdraw methods like jackbit. The question is already answered by the title of the JackBit Casino – It’s a fully Crypto-currency based casino which does not offer Visa / Mastercard or any other FIAT deposit methods as it’s fully crypto.

JackBit is the newest crypto casino that has amazed the gambling world with its smooth design, availability of more than 6,000 casino and live casino games, the most famous mini games, user-friendly navigation menu and most importantly – variety of crypto deposit methods!

Getting used to Crypto Deposit / Withdraw with JackBit

If you’re still new to the Crypto world and never tried it for depositing / withdrawing money on an online casino, there’s nothing to worry about. You might assume it’s complex and you’re hesitant to enter the decentralized realm, but it’s quite the opposite!

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Withdraw with Crypto on JackBit

There are plenty of Crypto trading websites like Binance, Crypto.com and other platforms which only require a basic KYC verification in order to have a functional crypto wallet. After making the crypto wallet, it means that you have a deposit and withdrawal crypto addresses. In order to withdraw money from the casino, you should input the Deposit wallet address in the withdrawal field and that’s it, you are going to receive the notification soon that you’ve received money!

How To withdraw money from JackBit?

Crypto Casino has the simplest withdrawal system which requires no approvals or background checks. There are just few easy steps to follow:

  1. Make sure that you fulfil the conditions of withdrawal availability
  2. Go to your account > Withdraw
  3. Select the withdrawal amount
  4. Copy your crypto deposit address
  5. Submit withdrawal and receive the money momentarily

Deposit Crypto on JackBit

  1. Step #1: Go to deposit page of the casino
  2. Step #2: Copy the relevant crypto currency deposit address
  3. Step #3: Deposit the money on it from your third party crypto wallet
  4. Step #4: Refresh the page and enjoy
jackbit deposit

Your deposited funds will instantly appear in your balance; simply refresh the page and start enjoying a wide variety of games! Yes, it’s that simple. And the best part of the crypto depositing is that there is no fee! All your deposited money is reflected without any deductions.

Verification on JackBit

If you’ve been asked to verify your JackBit account, don’t worry. JackBit automates and optimizes the verification process with AI. Just upload your selfie and that’s it – it takes up to a minute to verify your identity.

You may need to require the verification on JackBit Casino in order if you make the large withdrawal or if the risk control department has doubts about you having duplicate account and / or caught you in advantage play. There’s nothing to worry about in that case, because all you need to do is to attach your ID / Passport / Driver’s License along with the Selfie, and you’re going to be verified in seconds as the verification process is fully automatized. The artificial intelligence of Sumsub will verify your identity and then you have full permissions to continue playing on JackBit Casino!

The verification, deposit, and withdrawal process proved to be incredibly easy for the lucky-minigames team, with just a few simple steps to follow.


Is JackBit Casino a fully cryptocurrency-based casino?

Yes, JackBit Casino operates exclusively with cryptocurrencies and does not offer Visa, Mastercard, or any other fiat deposit methods.

How do I withdraw money from JackBit Casino using cryptocurrencies?

To withdraw money from JackBit Casino, go to your account, select the withdrawal amount, input your crypto deposit address, and submit the withdrawal request. The funds will be transferred to your crypto wallet shortly after.

Are there any fees associated with crypto deposits on JackBit Casino?

No, there are no fees for crypto deposits on JackBit Casino. The deposited funds are reflected in your balance without any deductions.

How does the verification process work on JackBit Casino?

JackBit Casino uses automated verification powered by AI. You may need to verify your identity with documents like ID, Passport, or Driver’s License, along with a selfie. The AI-powered verification process is quick and efficient, usually taking only a minute to complete.

Are there any restrictions on withdrawals or deposits in JackBit Casino?

There might be certain conditions for withdrawal availability. However, once the conditions are met, withdrawals are straightforward, and there are no complex approval processes or background checks. Deposits are also easy; you copy the relevant crypto currency deposit address and transfer the funds from your third-party crypto wallet.

Can I deposit and withdraw using different cryptocurrencies on JackBit Casino?

Yes, you can deposit and withdraw using various cryptocurrencies on JackBit Casino. As long as you have a functional crypto wallet and the relevant deposit/withdrawal addresses, you can easily transact with different cryptocurrencies.

Is the withdrawal process instant on JackBit Casino?

Yes, the withdrawal process on JackBit Casino is nearly instant once you’ve initiated the withdrawal request. The crypto funds are transferred to your wallet promptly, allowing for quick access to your winnings.

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