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MyStake Dino 5 Free Run

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What is a crash game?

Crash games appeared in the online gambling world just a few years ago. There are plenty of crash games available in the internet. The idea of all the crash games are same. A flying or a running object strives to run and escape from explosion. For example, on MyStake the t-rex Dino runs and tries not to get hit by the meteor. Longer the Dino runs, multiplayer will be higher. You can place a bet on each Dino run twice, and you can cash out at any moment. The objective is to be fast enough to cash out before Dino dies from the meteor hit! Try out Dino with “MyStake Dino 10 Free Run” Promo Code There are dozens of crash games available. You can read our special article about them to learn which game to play and which game not to play!

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How to play Dino?

In order to play Dino, you should first create an account on MyStake online casino. You should make a deposit. Then you can claim different welcome bonuses like 100% minigames Welcome Bonus or 10 Dino Free Run. Alternatively, you can use our special promo code to get 10 Free Dino Runs with Promo Code.

How To Use Promo Code?

It’s quite simple to use the promo code on MyStake! There are two options

  1. Use Dino Free Run Promo Code on Signup

This option is only for the fresh users on MyStake. If you don’t have an existing account, sign up on MyStake, and in the optional promo code field, write the promo code which is written above!

2. Use the Dino Free Run Promo Code as an active user

In that case, you should go to your account > Gifts With Promo Code and write the promo code.

After activating the Promo Code, You should open the Dino game and use all 10 available free spins. One on each round. All the generated winnings from the promo code will become an ACTIONABLE BONUS WHICH YOU SHOULD ACTIVATE MANUALLY. The bonus has its restrictions. It is offered with 100x rollover and can only be wagered on MyStake’s minigames such as Chicken, IceField, Plinko, Dino and others.

MyStake Casino

MyStake casino was established in 2020. It has attracted a lot of people around the world since its release. The casino offers variety of slots, live casino and mini games, as well as a well-regulated sportsbook, but the main source of its popularity is a green t-rex that is the main character of the Dino crash game


What is a crash game?

A crash game is an online gambling game where an object, typically flying or running, tries to avoid a crash or explosion. The objective is to cash out your bet before the object meets its demise. For instance, in MyStake’s Dino game, a t-rex runs to avoid getting hit by a meteor.

How does the Dino game work?

In Dino, a t-rex runs to dodge meteors. The longer the t-rex runs, the higher the multiplier for your bet. You can place a bet twice on each Dino run and cash out at any moment. The aim is to cash out before the Dino gets hit by a meteor.

What is the “MyStake Dino 10 Free Run” Promo Code?

The promo code “luckydino10” can be used to get 10 free runs in the Dino game on MyStake.

How do I play Dino on MyStake?

Create an account on MyStake.
Make a deposit.
Claim a welcome bonus or use the “luckydino10” promo code for 10 free Dino runs.

How do I use the “luckydino10” promo code?

You have two options:
For new users: During signup, enter “luckydino10” in the optional promo code field.
For existing users: Go to ‘Your Account’ > ‘Gifts With Promo Code’ and enter the code.

After activation, you can use your 10 free runs on the Dino game. The winnings will convert into an actionable bonus that you must activate manually.

Are there any restrictions for the actionable bonus?

Yes, the bonus comes with a 100x rollover requirement and can only be wagered on MyStake’s minigames like Chicken, IceField, Plinko, Dino, and others.

What is MyStake Casino?

Established in 2020, MyStake Casino offers a wide variety of slots, live casino games, and mini-games. It also has a well-regulated sportsbook. Its main attraction is the Dino crash game, featuring a green t-rex.

Can I use other Welcome Bonuses for the Dino game?

Yes, you can claim different welcome bonuses like a 100% minigames Welcome Bonus or the 10 Dino Free Run promotion.

Can I cash out at any time during the Dino game?

es, you have the option to cash out at any moment before the Dino gets hit by a meteor.

How many times can I bet on a single Dino run?

You can place a bet twice on each Dino run.

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