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Keno Online Casino Minigame

Have you ever played Keno? I am sure some of you have already tried the game as it’s so easy to win. It’s available on MyStake, JackBit, GoldenBet and other online casino brands. It’s about guessing the correct numbers. Let’s start from scratch if you are unfamiliar with the fundamentals. I will explain how keno works.

What is Keno and How does it Work?

There are 40-80 numbers represented on the board. A player should guess the winning spots while choosing 1–15 spots. The selection of spots varies according to the game provider. In case of Keno40, there are 10 spots.

The payout depends on the following factors:

•           How many spots are selected (by increasing spots, the odds get lower)

•           Bet amount

•           Risk level (classic, low, medium, or high). This feature is not available in all Keno games.

keno minigame

Types of Keno Game Modes

Players can choose Auto Pick mode, where the system itself suggests 10 numbers randomly, then you can modify the selected numbers.

Once the bet is set, players can see multipliers according to the number of spots matched. Based on odds, the more spots you hit, the more you win.



1500 €/$



What is the best strategy to win at Keno?

Keno is a lottery-type game, which is very popular among online casino players too. The rules are simple, so let’s find out if there are any keno win patterns.

I will share my findings here. Let’s start.

  1. Don’t choose the maximum numbers. Even though you have more chances to hit more spots, the payouts become so small that it’s not worthwhile and you will never win enough. However, selected spots should be greater than half of the possible numbers. (If you have a maximum of 10 numbers to choose from, pick 6–8 numbers)
  2. Select inner numbers, there is more chance to hit the right spot.
  3. Keno drops random numbers, but if you observe the rounds, you will see that some numbers are repeated. Most of the time, spots might be consecutive or in a diagonal. So while choosing the numbers, consider that too.
  4. If you see that your configuration doesn’t give you any winnings, change it. Try cold numbers rather than hot ones (cold numbers are seldom drawn, hot ones can be repeated often). Also, trust your intuition whenever you feel like that. It may be beneficial sometimes.

Which Keno game is the best to play and win?

Before you start playing, there are some details you need to consider. As we already know, any casino game is based on chance. There is no guarantee of winnings. However, if the RTP of the game is high, we have more opportunities. So, only play the KENO game if it has more than 94% RTP.

Any casino offers Keno, and many game providers have it. There are several that offer higher payouts.

  1. Bonus Keno, which is developed by NetEnt is a progressive game. This means you can hit the jackpot too. RTP – 94%
  2. Golden Bonanza KEno offers 95% return
  3. Kenos Developed by 1×2 gaming –   95.8%
  4. Mikrogaming KENO-RTP 96.5%
  5. Keno Minigame By Upgaming – 97-99% RTP

All the above-mentioned Kenos are quite fun, but I found that the minigame type KENO by Stake Casino, Mystake, and others are more profitable.

My little discovery is Keno, developed by Upgaming. As I found out, the house edge is very small, 1-3%. And, the game interface is very simple. If you are already into Keno and have tried many games, you will find Upgaming Keno quite enjoyable.



1500 €/$



Where can I play Keno with bonuses?

I have great news for you. We have several bonus offers that might suit you.

Follow the link to view  No Deposit Promo Code for KENO and many more things. It gives you ability to Win in Keno for free.

Share your experiences with KENO games by going down to the comment section. Let’s find a bunch of strategies together.


What is Keno, and how does it work?

Keno is a lottery-style game available in many online casinos, including MyStake, JackBit, and GoldenBet. In Keno, players choose numbers from a selection of 40-80. Payouts are based on the number of spots chosen, bet amount, and risk level. The more spots matched, the higher the winnings.

What are the best strategies to win at Keno?

While Keno is primarily a game of chance, players can consider strategies like not choosing the maximum numbers to maintain decent payouts. Selecting inner numbers and observing patterns, such as consecutive or diagonal spots, can also be helpful. Players can trust their intuition and switch their number configurations if they are not getting winnings.

Which Keno games offer the best chances of winning?

Keno games’ RTP (Return to Player) percentages vary, but it’s advisable to play games with an RTP of 94% or higher for better chances. Some Keno games with good RTP include Bonus Keno by NetEnt (94%), Golden Bonanza Keno (95%), Keno by 1×2 Gaming (95.8%), Keno by Microgaming (96.5%), and Keno Minigame by Upgaming (97-99% RTP).

Where can I play Keno with bonuses?

Players can find bonus offers for Keno games, allowing them to play for free or with additional perks. Specific promo codes and bonuses can be available at online casinos like MyStake, JackBit, and GoldenBet. Players can check the respective casino platforms and bonus pages for current offers.

Can you suggest a reliable online casino for playing Keno?

MyStake, JackBit, and GoldenBet are reputable online casinos offering Keno games. Players should always choose licensed and regulated casinos to ensure a secure and fair gaming experience. It’s essential to read user reviews and check the casino’s reputation before playing.

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