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Using some calculations we have managed to find a strategy on Icefield game. The strategy has given us a solid benefit.

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After playing Icefield game on MyStake for few months I have observed that there is a strategy that has lets me keep winning. The game is also available on JackBit, Goldenbet and other casino brands The strategy is based on my calculations and observations and it does not guarantee winning, but with my experience, this method has so far been letting me win!



1500 €/$



So here’s the Strategy on Icefield

First of all, as you know, the game has 5 dimensions with 2×3 being the lowest and 6×15 the biggest. you should start playing with the lowest field dimension – 2×3 and bet 1 EUR. In this case, the multiplayer for completing the whole round is 7.92 which means that if you succeed in the first 7 trials, you are winning.

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Icefield Cashout Calculations

You should try to reach the finish and it’s better not to use the “Cashout” button at all. Remember that you have 7 attempts so don’t quit if you lose first few rounds. If you reach the finish during the seven-try, you can consider that you are in profit because in total you have spent (maximum) 7 EUR and gained 7,92 EUR.  The next step is to continue with another strategy – raise the amount of the fields to 3×6, now you have 11 trials to reach the last field because the multiplayer on the 6th field is 11.27x.

If you achieve the last ice cube in 11 trials, the next step is to again increase the field numbers and do as much trials as the last field multiplayer is. If you manage to succeed in the first 4 attempts, it’s better to increase the bet amount because your potential loses are already paid by the early victory. According to my experience, I have reached the finish approximately in the 7th  or 8th  attempt and got a solid benefit.

From my experience, I almost tripled my deposit in every attempt. Of course, there is a risk that you will not be lucky but the chance is too low.

If the strategy has been justified and everything goes as we mentioned, you can try again and follow the same instruction with another amount of money.

Remember that you can play Icefield on MyStake and other online casino brands! You can share your thoughts and experiences about using this strategy in the comments!

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