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As explained in the previous article about the Dice game review, there are plenty of gambling strategies which you can use to take an advantage of the algorithm. This article is about different game strategies which you can use on that particular game. We will explain each strategy with a step – by – step guide. Remember that none of these strategies are 100% legit and you are risking your real money while attempting. We are just sharing our personal experience.

Mathematical Strategies to win on Dice

The most common strategy used in Dice is still a Martingale Betting Strategy which means doubling your bet after a losing round and starting over from 1EUR after a winning one.

How to play Martingale on Dice?

Martingale strategy works on any game that has a win multiplayer more than 2.01x. Basically this happens because with a martingale strategy, each of your new bet is a sum of every previous bets which means that the victory from the last bet pays all the previous bets + 2 EUR (in case of 2.0x multiplayer). In dice, you can have a multiplayer as high as 3x, 4x or even 5x if you play with risky strategies.

Upon our experience, the martingale strategy is the best while your multiplayer on dice is 4x. This happens when you set a dice slider indicator on 25 and choose “Roll Under” bet. The probability of a dice landing from 0 to 25 scale is 25%. And the payout is 4x. Dice game on MyStake gives you ability to double your 1EUR bet 10 times, (as the max bet is 1,000 EUR). It means that you have 10 trials to do something that has a probability rate of 25% (meaning that you can succeed in 4 average trials).


Here is a Video from the editor of this article, you can watch it to learn how to play with this strategy to win money on Dice.

As you can see on the video, we started with a balance of 1,056 EUR and finish with 1454 EUR by just following a simple strategy. You may even double your bet with this strategy. If you set the slider on 30, the multiplayer will be lower, but the win chances will increase.

Martingale Strategy is backed by Math. There is a formula for every casino game which is called Expected Value. You can Read More about this formula to be assured about how that strategy works.



1500 €/$



Strategy #2: Set the slider on the low number

The next strategy frequently used by players is setting a slider on a low number and betting on “roll over”. As an example, you can set the slider on number 2 and bet on “roll over”. Your multiplayer will be very low and betting 1 EUR will give you only additional 1 Cent, but the probability of winning is as high as 99% so you can just spam the bet button and 100 clicks will bring you an additional 1 EUR.

The Lucky-minigames team has tested these strategies so far. If you have other strategies too, you can post it in the comments down below

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What is the Martingale Betting Strategy in Dice and how does it work?

The Martingale Betting Strategy involves doubling your bet after a losing round and starting over with the initial bet amount after a winning one. It works on games with a win multiplier greater than 2.01x. For example, in Dice, setting a slider indicator at 25 with a “Roll Under” bet and a 4x multiplier offers a 25% probability of success. By doubling the bet in each round, players aim to compensate for previous losses when they eventually win.

Is the Martingale Strategy effective in Dice games with a 4x multiplier?

Yes, the Martingale Strategy can be effective in Dice games with a 4x multiplier, especially when setting the slider at 25 for a “Roll Under” bet. This configuration provides a 25% probability of winning on each roll, and players can double their 1 EUR bet up to 10 times with a maximum bet of 1,000 EUR. The strategy is based on mathematical calculations and probabilities.

What is the Expected Value formula, and how does it relate to the Martingale Strategy?

The Expected Value (EV) formula is a mathematical concept used in probability theory and gambling to calculate the average value of a game or bet. In the context of the Martingale Strategy, players use the EV formula to assess the potential outcomes and expected value of their bets over a series of rounds. By understanding the mathematical backing, players can make informed decisions when employing the Martingale Strategy.

What is the strategy of setting the slider on a low number in Dice?

Setting the slider on a low number, such as 2, and betting on “roll over” is a strategy used by players. In this approach, the multiplier is low, offering minimal additional winnings for each bet. However, the probability of winning is significantly high, often around 99%. Players can spam the bet button with small bets to accumulate marginal profits over multiple rounds.

Can you provide more information about the Lucky-minigames team’s testing of these strategies?

The Lucky-minigames team has tested the Martingale Strategy with different configurations, including setting the slider at 25 for a 4x multiplier. They have also experimented with setting the slider on a low number like 2 and betting on “roll over.” The team’s experiences and results with these strategies are showcased as examples in the article. Players are encouraged to share their own strategies and experiences in the comments section.

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