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MyStake AquaRings PromoCode

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Valid Until: Nov 30, 2023

Mystake casino has already released the newest game – Aquarings. The game reminds your childhood indeed. So the Aquarings game is easy to play for everyone! It is a very amusing game with a high RTP – of 99%. The main aim of this game is to put the rings on poles successfully. The higher the number of matching rings, the higher the chance of winning!

aquarings game

Aquarings Game Promo Code

Be the first who get the promo code on the Aquarings game! You can get it through the Lucky-Minigame Team. By getting 10 free bets on the Aquarings game you will have an opportunity to try your fortune on this game and also experience how that game works. To get this promo code you only need to register on Mystake and claim it.

Aquarings Game Bonus

Mystake offers Minigame Welcome Bonus which also contains an Aquarings game.  To get this bonus you only need to deposit a minimum of 20 EUR and you will reward with 100% minigames welcome bonus. The minigame bonus applies for the Aquaring game and other minigames too.

Promo Code: LuckyMiniNov

How To Use Promo Code on Aquarings?

If you have noticed that a promo code for the Aquaring game is announced, it is your chance to activate it on time and get free rounds on that game. You should go to Your Account > Gifts With Promo Code > Write Your Promo Code. After the activation, you should sign up on Mystake, open the Aquaring game and switch the balance to Free Spins. You can only bet 1 EUR so you have 10 trials to adventure the Aquarings game. The total win amount from free rounds will become an actionable bonus, which you should activate manually!



1500 €/$



How to Win on Aquarings?

Our team always reviews tricks and strategies which often leads us to win! Check our strategies page to see every news about that and don’t miss the opportunity to earn money easily!


What is the Aquarings game?

Aquarings is an amusing and easy-to-play game offered by Mystake Casino. It’s designed with a high Return to Player (RTP) of 99% and requires players to successfully place rings on poles. The more matching rings you get, the higher your chances of winning.

How can I access the Aquarings game promo code?

To access the promo code for Aquarings, you’ll need to connect with the Lucky-Minigame Team. Simply register on Mystake, and claim your code. The current promo code is [luckyaquarings10], which grants you 10 free bets on the Aquarings game.

What are the steps to use the promo code in the Aquarings game?

To utilize your promo code:
Navigate to “Your Account” on the Mystake platform.
Select “Gifts With Promo Code.”
Input your promo code ([luckyaquarings10]).
Sign up or log in to Mystake.
Open the Aquarings game and switch the balance to “Free Spins.” Note: You can bet 1 EUR per free spin and the total winnings from the free rounds will turn into an actionable bonus, which you must activate manually.

What is the Aquarings Game Bonus and how do I claim it?

The Aquarings Game Bonus is part of Mystake’s Minigame Welcome Bonus. To claim it, make a minimum deposit of 20 EUR. You’ll be rewarded with a 100% minigames welcome bonus, applicable to the Aquarings game as well as other eligible minigames.

How does the Aquarings game work?

The primary goal of Aquarings is to skillfully place rings on poles within the game. The alignment of matching rings amplifies your winning chances. It’s designed to be simple yet entertaining, making it accessible and enjoyable for all players.

Is there a limit to how much I can bet with the free spins from the promo code?

Yes, with the [luckyaquarings10] promo code, you can place bets of 1 EUR per free spin, giving you 10 opportunities to explore and enjoy the Aquarings game.

Where can I learn strategies to increase my winning chances on the Aquarings game?

To discover tricks and strategies to enhance your winning potential on Aquarings, visit our strategies page. Our team continuously reviews and updates information to help you leverage opportunities and possibly earn money effortlessly.

Can the promo code be used along with other bonuses?

Typically, promo codes and bonuses have specific terms and conditions regarding their usage with other offers. Ensure to review Mystake’s bonus terms or contact their customer support to clarify any uncertainties about concurrent bonus utilizations.

Is the Aquarings game available to all players?

While Aquarings is designed to be user-friendly for everyone, accessibility may depend on your geographic location and local online gambling regulations. Ensure to check Mystake Casino’s terms and conditions or contact their support for detailed information.

How does the winnings from the free rounds work?

The total amount won from free rounds using the promo code will become an actionable bonus. You will need to manually activate it. Be sure to check Mystake’s bonus terms for any wagering requirements or restrictions regarding the use of bonus funds.

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