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Valid Until: Nov 30, 2023

Icefield Game – MyStake

MyStake is famous of its minigames! Starting with the most famous Dino or Chicken, it published much more minigames. One of the newest minigame they published is Icefield!
Yeti, which is the main character of the Icefield, is sliding on the frozen tiles. It has to survive breaking the ice plate.

It has the same logic as Chicken. You can cash out anytime. You can even control the risk level of your game round and also the number of tiles!

Icefield Game Promo Code

In order to participate in this promotion, you should first MAKE A DEPOSIT ON MYSTAKE. You can deposit any amount from 1 EUR / BRL / USD / GBP in order to participate in the promotion. After the deposit, you can use our special promo code: to activate Icefield Free Rounds – each round is worth 1 EUR / USD / GBP.

Promo Code: LuckyMiniNov

Bonus Rules are simple:

The rollover requirement is 100x

the max withdrawal is 100 EUR after the wager!


How To Play Icefield

In order to play Icefield, you should sign up on MyStake Casino and make your first deposit of any amount. Balance is necessary because each game round in IceField game is a real money bet. You play the game on adjustable number of columns and rows – more the columns are – the more your multiplier is! You should try to avoid breaking the ice floor and falling down before reaching the end!

How To Use the Promo Code

Here’s the quick photo guide of how to use the promo code . If you’d like to hear more details about how to use this promo code, read the article or contact the customer support on MyStake

mystake use promocode
mystake use promocode
mystake use promocode


What is the MyStake Icefield FreeBet Promo Code?

The MyStake Icefield FreeBet Promo Code is “luckyicepro10.” By using this promo code, you can activate 10 Icefield Free Rounds, each worth 1 EUR / USD / GBP.

How do I qualify for this promotion?

To qualify for this promotion, you must first make a deposit on MyStake. The deposit can be any amount from 1 EUR / BRL / USD / GBP.

What is the validity period of this promo code?

The promo code is valid until June 8, 2023.

What are the bonus rules?

The rollover requirement for this promotion is 100x. The maximum withdrawal amount after meeting the wagering requirement is 100 EUR.

What happens to my balance after activating the promotion?

After activating the promotion using the promo code, your entire balance will be subject to the rollover requirement.

How do I play the Icefield game?

To play the Icefield game, you need to sign up on MyStake Casino and make your first deposit. Each game round in Icefield is a real money bet. The game features an adjustable number of columns and rows, and your objective is to avoid breaking the ice floor and falling down before reaching the end.

How do I use the promo code?

The promo code can be activated after making the required deposit. For more details on how to use the promo code, you can read the article or contact MyStake’s customer support.

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