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The withdrawal process on Goldenbet

The Goldenbet verification and withdrawal process is the most crucial indicator to determine the legitimacy of an online casino. Our team have tested this process and it is very easy and reliable on that website. To withdraw your money you should be verified (about this issue we will talk in the next capture). The Goldenbet casino has various kinds of withdrawal methods. This wide choice is suitable for every type of player. You can use bank transfers, different crypto payments, SPEI, PIX, Davivienda and many other ones. It depends on our taste and the country where you live.

Before we begin talking about how we should withdraw from Goldenbet, we would suggest to read the GoldenBet Casino Review by our team!

The minimal amount for withdrawal is 20€ or an equivalent. The maximum amount for withdrawal depends on the payment method you use. If the requested amount exceeds the limit of a particular payment system, the amount will be withdrawn in installments. The maximum withdrawal amount processed to a player is 7,500 € per week and 15,000 € per month or equivalent

Our team tried to withdraw money through Bitcoin and it had been paid to us very soon without any obstacle. So try it by yourself and see how it works.

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Verification Process at GoldenBet Casino

The verification process on is very easy. Based on our experience and observation it’s better to verify your account while you register on the Goldenbet casino. After that, you can play freely and withdraw your money without much waiting. Along with that, it makes you appear a more reliable player without any suspicious intention.

There are three steps of verification to verify your account

goldenbet verification

Proof of Identity

Identity verification is the main step of this procedure. For this, you should upload your ID card, passport or driving license from both sides and you should take a photo (selfie) with your documentation and write your full name on a paper with the current date – To identify whether these documents are indeed owned by you. The main thing is to take pictures with normal quality and the information in the document should be visible and readable. Also, all four corners of the documents should be shown in the photo.

Proof of address

Address verification is easier. Many players consider that to verify your address you should own the house, but it isn’t right. You only need the document which has been issued in your name also there should be a written address where you live at present and the date. Note: a document must be dated no more than 3 months. You also consider that the Goldenbet website doesn’t accept screenshots, cell phone bills, medical bills, purchase receipts, or insurance statements.

Proof of Credit/Debit card

This isn’t mandatory to verify your card. You only need to verify your credit card only for withdrawals and if you plan to withdraw by credit card.

To verify your credit card you should take a picture of its front and back side (picture with fully visible corners). The document must be showing the first 6 and 4 last numbers of the card. You should cover 6 middle numbers.

Our team has tested the verification process and we have successfully passed it without any obstacle by considering the mentioned steps and rules.


What is the minimum withdrawal amount at GoldenBet Casino?

The minimum withdrawal amount at GoldenBet Casino is €20 or an equivalent in other currencies.

What is the maximum withdrawal amount at GoldenBet Casino?

The maximum withdrawal amount at GoldenBet Casino depends on the payment method used. If the requested amount exceeds the limit of a particular payment system, the amount will be withdrawn in installments. The maximum withdrawal amount processed to a player is €7,500 per week and €15,000 per month or equivalent.

What withdrawal methods are available at GoldenBet Casino?

GoldenBet Casino offers various withdrawal methods including bank transfers, different cryptocurrencies, SPEI, PIX, Davivienda, and others. The availability of methods depends on the player’s preferences and the country of residence.

Is the verification process mandatory at GoldenBet Casino?

Yes, the verification process is mandatory at GoldenBet Casino. Players need to verify their identity, address, and credit/debit card (for withdrawals) by providing appropriate documents. Verification ensures the legitimacy of the player and facilitates smooth withdrawals.

What documents are required for the verification process at GoldenBet Casino?

For the verification process, players need to provide proof of identity (ID card, passport, or driving license), proof of address (document issued in the player’s name with the current address, dated no more than 3 months), and proof of credit/debit card (if planning to withdraw by card). Detailed instructions and specific document requirements are available on the GoldenBet website.

Can I verify my account while registering on GoldenBet Casino?

Yes, it is recommended to verify your account while registering on GoldenBet Casino. Verifying your account during registration allows you to play freely and withdraw money without delays. It also enhances your credibility as a player without any suspicious intentions.

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