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How to verify your account on MyStake? How to request a withdrawal with Crypto and Real Money? This article is a short guide for that!

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I’ve came across a lot of questions in the internet about how to verify your account on MyStake and how to make a successful withdrawal. There really is a lack of information about it in the internet, so I decided to share my experience with MyStake Verification and Withdrawal process.

Why Should I Verify My Account on MyStake?

Online casinos need to verify your identity before letting you withdraw the money. MyStake is not an exception! According to MyStake’s Terms and Conditions, each player must verify their accounts before any withdrawal to avoid the risk of duplicate accounts and other threats. Also, I’d suggest bonus hunters not to make multiple accounts on any online casino because the system analyzes the data and blocks the withdrawals if duplicate account is detected. So I’d suggest to use only one account while playing on MyStake to be able to safely withdraw anytime.

The verification process on MyStake has been really easy. They use Sumsub’s AI to complete KYC verifications. I’ve used Sumsub’s verification system with other websites many times, and I haven’t had any problems so far. There are some mandatory KYC forms you should send. The others are not necessary if Mystake team doesn’t request them.

How To Verify MyStake Account?

Account verification on MyStake is quite easy.

If you’ve been asked to verify your MyStake Account, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Verify your identity by taking a selfie and attaching it to your Profile > Verification page
  2. Scan or take a picture of an utility bill dated within the last 90 days and upload it in address verification field
  3. Wait for an approval which takes up to 3 minutes.

Let’s start.

  • Mail verification – you can opt it out since it is not mandatory. However, in any case, your email must be correct if you want to have smooth and easy communication with support team.
  • Identity verification* – you should upload identity card, passport or driving license and then take a selfie in live. It is necessary no matter which payment methods you use or where you are from.
  • Address verification – you have to complete address verification if you want to use bank transfer(for example SEPA/SKRILL) for a withdrawal. Proof of address can be bank statement or Utility Bill.
  • Debit/credit card verification – If you use visa/Mastercard, you need to verify your card as well. KYC team will contact you after requesting a withdrawal and asks for the details.

Mail Verification

The first and easiest verification requirement is mail verification, which happens just with one click. It’s essential that you use the correct email address while registering on MyStake because you should receive and open an email that MyStake sends about announcements or requests. So use the email that you have access to in order to verify it.

Proof of Identity

The second part of verification is your Proof of Identity. As mentioned above, MyStake uses Sumsub’s Artificial Intelligence verification program for KYC verifications. You should attach a photo of your ID card, Passport or a Driver’s License. The document should be valid and your age should meet MyStake’s requirements (+18). Make sure that you take a good quality picture. It’s better if you use a solid background for your picture. Make sure that all corners of the document fit in the camera frame, and that’s all. You have completed identity verification!. After that, you should take a selfie. Don’t worry like me if your passport picture was taken at your puberty, the verification will still be successful.

Proof of address

The next and maybe most challenging part of the verification is the Proof of Address verification at Mystake. It is required if you use bank transfer as a withdrawal method.

Many people think that you should officially own a house in order to complete this part, but it’s not right! You can verify your identity with following documents: Bank Statement, Utility Bill, or any official government-issued document that is issued within the last 90 days, mentions your name and surname and where your address is specified. The document’s language doesn’t matter. 

Sumsub verification program doesn’t accept Screenshots, Mobile phone bills, Medical bills, receipts, Insurance statements.

After a minute or two of the verification, you will see that your verification status has been changed to “verified” and the green check icons have appeared on the page. Congratulations! You are now verified, and you can withdraw your earnings!

mystake verification
Mystake account verification

Debit/credit card verification on Mystake

After completing verification on MyStake, you can make a withdrawal request. However, there is another thing if you have used Visa/Mastercard for making deposits. KYC team will contact you as to how to verify your cards.

If it’s a physical card, the process is very easy. You will just need back and front pictures while hiding the middle numbers. If there is no name on your credit or debit card or you use a virtual card, you have to provide a card statement. (bank statement of the card where your name and card number will be visible) It’s very easy to get such a document from your payment provider by making a manual request.

If that’s impossible, you can request from the KYC team to allow you to provide a bank statement where all the deposits made on Mystake are visible.

Another Tricky thing is Apple Pay. If you use such a thing, be prepared that you are using Masked Card Number (not the real one) In this case, you just need to show the screenshot from the Apple pay showing linked card.

How To Withdraw Money from MyStake?

There are several withdrawal methods available on MyStake. Withdrawal methods may vary according to a player’s location. Mystake has bank transfer-SEPA (only in Europe), SWIFT; Interac (for Canada) , Skrill, Neteller, Ecopayz, PIX (for Brazil) and crypto payments.

As long as you’ve chosen your withdrawal method, the procedure is really simple:

  • Step 1: Log in to your account
  • Step 2: Go to your Profile > Withdraw
  • Step 3: Choose a withdrawal method
  • Step 4: Submit your destination address
  • Step 5: Click Withdraw and wait for an approval!

So not all withdrawal methods are available for some countries. It’s the most secure to use Crypto methods if there is no other option for you country! Also, if you only use Crypto for deposits and withdrawals, you will just need identity verification.

Check our Blog about Mystake Crypto Withdrawals as well.

Withdrawal Deadlines on MyStake: How Long Does it take to Withdraw?

According to MyStake’s Terms and Conditions, company can keep your withdrawal on hold for maximum of 3 working days. I was worried after 5 hours have passed since the withdrawal request and started anxiously asking live support when I would get my winnings. But after waiting for 7-8 hours I received a notification that my withdrawal was successful. Based on my experience, the withdrawals with crypto take only couple of hours while a withdrawal with Bank Transfer can take up to 2 days. MyStake might accept your bank transfer withdrawal instantly, but it takes additional time for bank to proceed the transaction since it’s an international transaction. VIP members of MyStake and NFT owners are able to withdraw sooner!

Withdrawal Limits on MyStake

According to MyStake’s Terms and Conditions, maximum withdrawal amount is 7,500 EUR / USD per week and 15,000 EUR / USD per month. VIP users can have increased withdrawal limits. Also the NFT card of mystake gives this ability! Check out the NFT project of mystake! Check out How To Become VIP at MyStake

This was our experience about withdrawal and verification process on MyStake. You can state your opinion and experience in the comments! Ask questions and we will try to be as informative as possible! Share your thoughts, give us suggestions about what should our next post be about! Play safe. Enjoy your winnings.



1500 €/$




Why do I need to verify my account on MyStake?

Account verification is necessary for online casinos like MyStake to ensure the player’s identity and prevent fraudulent activities. It’s a standard procedure for online gambling platforms and is required before making any withdrawals.

What documents do I need for account verification on MyStake?

For account verification, you typically need to provide a valid ID card, passport, or driver’s license for identity verification. Additionally, you’ll need a proof of address document like a bank statement or utility bill dated within the last 90 days.

How do I verify my email address on MyStake?

To verify your email address on MyStake, you should use a valid email while registering. MyStake will send you an email with a verification link. Click on the link to verify your email.

How long does it take to get verified on MyStake?

The verification process on MyStake usually takes a few minutes after you’ve submitted the necessary documents. However, the exact time can vary based on the volume of requests and the completeness of the documents provided.

What withdrawal methods are available on MyStake?

MyStake offers several withdrawal methods, including bank transfer (SEPA and SWIFT), Interac (for Canada), Skrill, Neteller, Ecopayz, PIX (for Brazil), and various cryptocurrency options.

How long does it take to process a withdrawal on MyStake?

MyStake processes withdrawals within 3 working days. The duration for the funds to reach your account depends on the chosen withdrawal method. Cryptocurrency withdrawals are usually faster, taking only a few hours.

Are there any withdrawal limits on MyStake?

Yes, according to MyStake’s Terms and Conditions, the maximum withdrawal amount is 7,500 EUR/USD per week and 15,000 EUR/USD per month. VIP users and NFT owners may have increased withdrawal limits.

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